Sunday, July 11, 2010

lovely things!

My husband recently visited this church in Zurich, Switzerland
that had windows designed by Sigmar Polke, a german artist...
He took fine cuts of agate to make a series of windows...
he also made others, you can see them here.
I found them
So inspirational, beautiful and truly magical...


This church Has a history of using artists to design for them.
stained-glass windows in the choir were made in 1933 by Augusto Giacometti,
nephew of Alberto Giacometti, the famous Swiss abstract artist.

Perhaps it excited me, as I of course see quilts... and fabrics...
Perhaps some kaffe?

Quilts? oh yeah...
Shelly always says she won't cheat on her obsession... (quilts)
But I have been cheating on mine all weekend on this crochet blanket...
I figured it was fine to sit and crochet, as I had a house full of guests
(instead of sneaking off to get hand work, or sit to do my 15 minutes, or one of the many other things I should be doing....)
shhhh, don't tell...
(thanks to Attic 24... go look, everything she does is fabulous)

Back to quilts all this week.
all quilts, all the time.

except when I crochet!


  1. I have always loved agate and what a beautiful use for them. I didn't know Giacometti had a nephew who was an artist also.

    You inspired me to get yarn to make an afghan, but so far not happy with results. I am cheating and not even happy about it. Silly Bee.

  2. Gorgeous windows. I defintely thougt of that same Kaffe fabric. Love your crochet.

  3. Amazing! And they certainly remmind me of Kaffe fabric.

    Nice crochet work. Colorful and happy!

  4. ah, yes, Kaffe. nothin' finer.

  5. That is my favorite of all of Kaffe's fabrics. Those windows are unbelievable!

  6. I want one of those windows, really bad! Maybe if I take all my Kaffe Roman Glass and Paperweight fabric and drape it over my windows, I'll get the same effect?? Just a thoughT

  7. Thank you for sharing the windows! I haven't been to Zurich (yet!) but will definitely look up this church. I ALWAYS take pictures of the stained glass in the European churches. It is awesome.

  8. Kaffe is coming to our little island this week. Looking forward to his tlak on Thursday.

  9. love that window! wow.
    Afghan is looking good!
    great way to talk and keep those hands busy!

  10. What fabulous windows....such art!!!! THank you for sharing. I giggled because Noah says I can turn anything into a quilt or fabric....This quilting thing is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a fabulous building that church must be, I would love to see it myself. The designs put me in mind of Gustav Kilmt, his work contain similar shapes.
    I am enjoying your other Blog, the 15 mins of playtime- what fun!

  12. Love seeing those stained glass windows. The colored pieces remind me of rocks and gems that have been sliced. Enjoy your quilting... and crochet too!

  13. Hey V, Beautiful windows! Funnily enough, I bought yarn the same weekend you did. (Great minds think alike!) I'm slowly making granny squares. Have a great week! Happy (crochet) hooking!

  14. Those windows are stunning! I thought of that Kaffe fabric right away, too. Your blanket is great- we've been sleeping under a crocheted cotton blanket I made years ago to beat the heat- they are wonderful for summer weather!

  15. I love the stain glass windows and am really keen about Kaffe fabrics these days. I have been collecting them a bit at a time as they are quite expensive here in Canada(about 16-18 dollars a meter)
    I also love millefiore beads(sp?) that have little florals and round shapes inside them. You sometimes find paperweights with the same shapes in them.
    I am unfamiliar with the artist but will have to check him out.
    Your crochet blanket is very pretty- you do love color don't you?
    Happy creating,

  16. Victoria - Since I have stared quilting, I seem to see everything through the filter of "gee, what would that look like as a quilt!"

    I very recently discovered your blog and it's the first thing I check every morning.

    May I ask what kind of camera you use? Your colours are always so pure and lovely!

    thanks much

  17. I definitely thought of that Kaffe fabric. Love those windows. :)

  18. Wow, those windows are wonderful.

    I too have to crochet now and then! And when I do, it looks just like yours. Liberated quilting spills over into liberated crochet. :)

  19. Those windows are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing!


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