Wednesday, July 28, 2010

nearly wordless wed.

I'm finding my zone...


Do you like the color on the right?

My loft in NYC is being painted this color as we speak...
the entire thing.. walls, ceiling... I'm not there to inspect it...(fingers crossed)
I was so tired of "white" with NYC dust attached...
I think it fits my CALM... and the creative forces... ;-)

OH! another question....

Does anyone know a great sewing Retreat center that has space to sew,
place to sleep,
cooks for you?? (has food available on site?)

anywhere in the u.s.



  1. Of all the places I have been in the world I am most content and at peace on the beach.

    One little orphan block is on the way.

    Happy Sewing

  2. We go to Camp Hebron in Halifax, PA. Friendly staff, plenty of food, lovely setting. You can take a break for a hike or a trail ride. Best of all, you can sew all night if you want. Another place is Sandy Cove near Elkton, MD. It's right on the water, very pretty.

  3. Our House in Milford is where we go for Quilt Retreats. That is in Texas and it is in the middle of a field, a beautiful field and you know the 35 peps that go actually sew and are very comfortable. There is a quilt store near if you have forgotten something and/or if you need some fabric therapy. On the web.

  4. That looks like the view out my big windows at the beach. Don't you love it! We are on the coast of NC and there is place here but I am not sure about the food. I will look into it.

  5. We are organizing a LAMQG retreat at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Convention Center. They have everything you listed!

    It's working out to about $500 per person for the weekend - your own room & bathroom (shared common space) and food included!

  6. The Virden Center in Lewes Delaware that is actually owned and run by the University of Delaware is a wonderful facility with all that you describe. You might want to contact them. That isn't too terrible a driving distance from New York for you....probably about 4 1/2 - 5 hours if you go on the NJ Turnpike.

  7. For Quilting Retreats...Bear Cabin Inn near Showlow, Arizona is wonderful. Carol prepares three fabulous meals every day!

  8. I'm going here this fall.

  9. In Michigan about one hour north of Grand Rapids:

    This is a 4H Center with motel-like bedrooms with two queen beds. They provide three meals [cafeteria with choices]
    and a large meeting room with tables and extension cords. You can stay up as late as you want. Ity is on a small lake and has hiking trails.

  10. I love that color! I'm so tired of white walls. The lavender is light and airy, serene and lively. Could you tell me the name or send me a little sample "swatch?" I'm still working on the colors for our house.

    Lots of good ideas for retreat locations among these comments.

  11. Calming--the beach and the color. Pretty. How I long for a retreat. Checking one out for Fall of next year located in Ohio. Otherwise I could hire a chef and have one in my basement!

  12. My cousin owns a quilt shop in Waxahachie, Texas. I know she has retreats at Our House in Milford. She's had some very nice things to say about it.

  13. How about Camp McDowell in Jasper, AL (between Birmingham and Huntsville)? That is where the Alabama Folk School is held where I did a watercolor class. You might even be able to get one or two of the Gees Bend quilters to come up and talk/sew/teach. They offer food prepared in their camp kitchen or you can fix your own if desired.

  14. What a great list of retreat centers people are sharing! I never knew there were so many. I find calm in that beach photo and the color too. Hope the painting project is going well!

  15. I haven't been, but I know that Quilting Adventures runs camps in TX along those lines near nr San Antonio.
    unfortunately don't know of anyplace near me.

  16. I just noticed the lavender in the sky of the beach photo! Duh! I didn't even see that before. Lovely. Your loft will be stunning!

  17. If you really want to get out of "town", check out the Red Rooster Retreat on Smith Lake in Crane Hill, Alabama. This is a fabulous retreat, great space, best food you've ever had, all in a remote area of north Alabama. I would go just for the food! Perfect set up for quilters with excellent host and hostess. If you are thinking of going south, check out

  18. Oh and I do adore your new choice of wall paint color!


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