Thursday, July 29, 2010

long last finish

I have many many quilts here, that just need Binding....
Yesterday, I pulled this quilt out, and finally got the binding done on it...

This quilt was my first attempt at a Quilting bee.

I sliced up a bunch of fabric into strips, sent each person one strip of each color
and asked that they make a 12" block wonky log cabin quilt without
cutting or cleaning up my uneven strips...then when they reached the 12"
size, to then use the scraps to make a little tiny block,

and lastly, send all the crumbs back to me,
as I used EVERY BIT OF FABRIC I bought, to make this quilt.
See that little tiny purple square upper right below Humphrey the elephant?
(someone's lovey was left on my bed!)

anywho, there are many 1/2" square bits in this quilt....

I had to throw in some stars with a print fabric... the all solids wasn't working for me...

SO this is how to NOT ADD TO YOUR SCRAP BINS...

buy it,
use it.
all of it.
(wish I could do that all the time!)

Than hang it outside to photograph it, while the fed ex man honks
at you because your still in your PJ's....


We were at the children's museum the other day, and this plaque caught my eye...
Fannie Tunison...Sews and painted with only her mouth as she was paralyzed from the neck down... Can you imagine?
I googled her to see what else I could find out about her....
Miss Fannie Tunison, (click for more info) does all her work with her lips and tongue. It may sound incredible but nevertheless remains a fact, that not only she threads a needle using only her lips and tongue, but executes the most elaborate embroidery, by the sale of which to patrons she supplements her earnings. She is also American born.

Happy sewing!


  1. Beautiful quilt! I love solids, and the little bits used up.

    Interesting story about Miss Fannie. Thanks!

  2. Victoria what a beautiful quilt!
    Miss Fannie, wow. I have a cousin who also paints masterpieces with her mouth. She is a great inspiration in my life.

  3. Spectacular bee finish! I NEED to make an all solid quilt with your inspiration.

  4. great, great, great! and you think I'm the crazy scrap lady!?! watch your mail for an orphan block from me.

  5. I love how you ad lib your quilts!!! Another beauty. Orphan block on the way.

  6. yay you! it is amazing! and it feels great to be a part of such a fabulous finish!

  7. I can just see you in your pj's getting caught by the UPS man....too funny!

    Great story of Miss Fannie. A definite "if there is a will there is a way" story.

    I am going to challenge myself to use every bit of my fabric on a piece one of these days.

  8. Hey V, This quilt is great! And it looks good on your bed! I'm sure you will have nothing but sweet dreams beneath it! Happy sewing, my friend!

  9. Your new quilt is awesome; I love using itty bits. And, that Fannie, what a gal!

  10. I agree with Jenny, it's fabulous to be over here looking at the block I made for your quilt! Loved seeing it all together and on a bed..

  11. That quilt looks fabulous on the bed!! Beautiful shot of it hanging over the rail. Too funny about the Fed Ex man, but then again don't they wear purple shorts... That is just one amazing story about Fannie Tunison, and to think that often times we can be known to complain about trivial things.

  12. It's such a beautiful quilt! I admire you for using up all those little scrap pieces too. Love the turquoise solid fabric in between the wonky log cabins. What a masterpiece!

  13. Boy that Ms. Tunison puts me to SHAME! I will never complain about things not going right when I'm sewing AGAIN! Whew! The quilt is fabulous!

  14. Looks fantastic! How perfect with your Red pillowcases!

  15. Absolutely Stunning, V! I'm loving it on the bed.

  16. V - this is wonderful. Really wonderful. Congratulations on a superb finish.

    Great story about taking the photo!

  17. love the quilt and the story of its making. but Fannie used only her mouth with needle and thread???? i can understand a paintbrush. but threading a needle? very impressive.

  18. Awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing about Miss Fannie Tunison. How wonderful! She is a true art therapist ... and American! :) Americans always have a spirit of perseverance, or I hope we do! ;)

  19. Stunning quilt! Fabulous!

    Love the wavy quilting, too...

    ; )

  20. ohhhhh I love this quilt!!! is amazing all those solids together! and looks amazing on the bed!


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