Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"All true artists, whether they know it or not,

create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness."

Eckhart Tolle

A facebook pal posted this the other day... and I thought,
Hmmm, yeah, I get that,
(all though I would change, ARTISTS to just PEOPLE)
(everyone creates... weather it be labeled art or not)

it's called the "ZONE"

I've been juggling so many projects lately, I lost the zone...
I needed to slow down, step back
and look to see where I've been and where
I'm going...

It's so easy to get caught up in life, that we forget that
QUIET and STILLNESS are achievable if we are open to it.

I think that is why I like to quilt the way I do.

I've had many conversations with many different people about quilting.

Some say, TRADITIONAL is the only way to go, or it's not a quilt.
Some say, free piecing is sloppy,


I say, what ever you stitch together, and it stays together, is both

A quilt, and Art.

Sewing mindless, in the CALM, and stillness,
brings me complete joy.
I use what I have, I appreciate the utilitarian use of a quilt,
I appreciate that there is MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT.
pardon the expression.

I try to focus on what brings me to that place of stillness,
usually...not thinking so hard.

think of it this way.

A child can draw and draw and draw.
Nothing is flawless, nothing is scrutinized, it flows and it happens, uncluttered.
(an it's prefect in it's "unperfectness")

We lose this quality with the more info we pour into a brains.

Focus on that childs mind. finding that place... We get calm.

We can all use calm right?
We can all use joy?

Find a way that let's you hold onto the calm.
3 minutes, 15 minutes, at least, a day.

it's not to much to ask for.

Do you work best from the motion or the calm in your life?
Does this become a part of why you create?
Does it relate to your creative expression?
or do you just create because, "well, what else do I have to do?"

I'm off to take my 15 minutes...
and to find That ZONE.

happy sewing.


  1. VIctoria, what a beautiful post celebrating the pure act of creating that is so individual! Thank you for validating the freedom of wonky quilting or I would not exist :)!

  2. Nice thoughts, nice post. A very good reminder to create for the fun of it, not just for accomplishment. I need to remember that often. Thanks.

  3. Not all projects or quilts are done for the same reason...some are for the joy or creating and others for the joy of having created. No joy though...now that would be bad!

    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

  4. I create so that I can have calm in my life. When I am creating, I am not thinking about paying bills, or what to fix for supper, or whether or not I am earning my keep as an employee. I create so I can bring to life that which is in my heart - color, hope, quirkiness, beauty, structure, peace, energy, love, memories, joy. As much as I love the structure of traditional quilts, I need the energy of scrappiness or wonkiness or just the unexpected to make a quilt really speak to me.

  5. Whatever we create, and however we choose to create it, is an expression of our inner selves. Elizabeth Brimelow once told me that art is something that creates and emotional response to the viewer. I think all quilters create with that in their hearts, the response being love. How we get there is a personal choice of expression. I love to see how you create, it makes you who you are! Keep playing :)

  6. I know what you mean. I get energized by being alone.
    I am usually a bubbly person, but keeping it up is so draining. I like to call myself an extrovert Introvert. I need peace and quiet to recharge. And nothing gets me to the 'zone' faster than needle and thread! this is why I do so much hand-piecing in the evenings...

    Today was not one of those days. The sewing room was 'crowded' with people oohing and aaahing in regards to Victoria's quilt! I think I might have even gotten a few more to consider sending you quilts! keeping fingers crossed!

    The patterns that I choose to do are patterns that strike a chord. sometimes because I want to play with colour, sometimes it is something about the design, sometimes because I am intrigued...
    we have to stay true to our multi-faceted self.

    Thanks for a great post!

  7. Sweet V,
    I have often thought...when do u sleep?
    I also have wondered lately if everyone gets that feeling of peace from sewing......It calms me down to sew squares and scraps...often mindless...always nice.
    Mary C. (WA)

  8. Hi again,
    I think I can create from any state of mind. Its my favorite part of the process of "doing a quilt". I will have to pay attention to what state is most creative and let u know.
    Mary C.

  9. Thank you for a wonderful, timely post!

    I create because I NEED to stitch as an antidote to the real world (specifically the day to day black and white legal world known as my day job).

    Enjoy your play time!

  10. Yes! I thought I needed a nap, now I am going to spend some time sewing instead, I am on a finishing marathon and I need to tap into that nourishing creative zone (oh, this is why my pile of wips is ever increasing)! Thanks for the inspiring reminder!

  11. Dear Victoria,

    For me, QUITE and STILLNESS come from any thing I do from my heart. My creativity or anyone else' for that matter is not limited to art.

    I feel the calm when I am preparing a meal for my family or just watering the garden. Watching the progress on the seeds I planted this spring is as calming as stitching those tiny stitches on the quilt.

    Present is beautiful than we ever give it credit for.

    Thank you for this lovely post. We must follow the inner child to create with no rules and boundaries.. Too much structure and rules can only produce monotonous and predictable results.

    But never mind that, when is it ever joyful to follow rules anyway?

  12. Now that's a thought provoking post. And I love the sewing that you're doing. I need both, peace of mind, and a big creative urge. It's not really ambiguous.

  13. Very provocative post. I haven't given a lot of thought to why I create, except that I really enjoy the process. And I can't thank you enough for the 15-minute thing. Sometimes I enjoy putting a block together just to see what happens, and I never go any further. I always felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything when I didn't finish a project. But now I've given myself permission to do whatever I want with my 15 minutes. I enjoy whatever I'm doing in my 15 minutes of "me time."

  14. I lost the zone awhile ago and am still trying to get it back. In the meantime, I've gone back to yoga in the hope that that quiet and stillness will unlock the creativity again. I never really thought about needing to create until it was forced out.

  15. Victoria, that was just so moving, and you have made me realize why I started quilting 2 yrs ago. Now I look at quilting alittle different now and I always will.
    Sue from WI

  16. I adore the way you make your quilts V, you are so incredibly creative and now I see why. I do find if I have too much going on it is harder for me to get into that zone. I think our lives are richer because we have a creative outlet. xo

  17. great post! love come here and see your beautiful quilts full of color, your art.
    I feel the calm when i'm working in a quilt. In my job i can have stress and bad days, but at home, at my sewing room all is calm for me.
    have a wonderful day.

  18. I love your thoughts and post. I am in the same place that you are. Summer is a busy family time for me but I need to step back and get calm.

  19. Meanwhile, after my burst of creative energy I find myself BEcalmed. I wish I could regulate my energies better. But what you've said in this post is so absolutely true. There is a peace, a calmness, to be found in mindless sewing. (Maybe that's my problem: I've been thinking too hard about this next project. hmm.)

  20. What a great post! I personally find my zone in the calm of life. With all the craziness going on in life, my sewing studio is my sanctuary. This is definitely why I create, for stress relief and the need to create. And I get inspiration from creating to think up new ideas, which gives me even more energy.

  21. ..I HAVE TO...I can't help it...creativity calls to me...nags me...harrases me until I give in. It has been this way for me all my life. I get lost...mesmerized and totally engrossed in whatever I am creating and can stay up all night if the mood is flowing. I LOVE any and everything crafty or sewing...paints and art...mosaics but mostly sewing and quilting. I have always had to deal with this nagging force inside of me to create.....I have NEVER been bored and have always felt there were not enough hours in the day for me to do 'my craft'!!!

  22. Lovely thoughts, and oh so true. It is nice to read others share some of the same thoughts as yourself.


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