Wednesday, May 26, 2010

one big party

Birthday's galore around here!

Everyone in our family has a birthday either in MARCH or MAY...
Yesterday, ANDREA came down to visit, and she brought down
a belated birthday gift for me!
Isn't it lovely!

She has me totally pegged...
I am a obsessed with the VIRGIN MARY...
not so much as a
religious vibe, but just an overall fascination,
and a lot of my ARTwork relates to it somehow...

From my Photographs to my Paintings...
So when I opened Andrea's gift, I could have fallen over... It's so fabulous,
I asked her, to be sure she wanted to give it to me!!!

A very Special gift indeed...totally blown away...
Thank you Andrea, I treasure it!


My hubby just had one,

My girl turns 10, Saturday~!!

Yesterday, I swear, my sweet girl was one, and now she's ten...

We are heading to the cabin, so we gave her, her gifts early...

Guess which Birthday gift got a "COOL?"
(referring to yesterday's post)

ha ha ha ha!
It wasn't mine!

he he!
She rcvd a battery operated FAN from her BIG brother!
It has LED lights, and you can program
it to make words in the air when it spins!

yes, How COOL is that!

Quilt? what quilt?

Happy Birthday to one COOL girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Everyone! One day you'll wake up and that 10 year old will be my daughter's upcoming birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday~ Wow..10! What a big number! She surly is a pretty girl~

  3. Hey V, Lots of great stuff today! Luv, luv the virgin Mary piece from Andrea! (Well done, Andrea!) B's portrait is fantastic and it looks like she likes it! Yeah! And lastly, congratulations, your baby is in double digits! (How did that happen to us?) Have a fabulous day and happy sewing!

  4. I absolutely love the Mary quilted piece, what a lovely gift!

    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter. I also have a May BD. Mine was earlier in the month so I'm a Taurus. I do believe we are into Gemini's now.

    I noticed the pics of the bathtub Mary shrine's, do you have one of those? I hate to say it but I always thought those were a little "unique", to be polite. I was brought up Catholic, so always surrounded with the Virgin Mary, no shrines though.

    Oh, and her portrait quilt is COOL!

    Enjoy the time at the cabin.

    : )

  5. Happy, happy, happy birthday to all!!

  6. So could the weather here in Minnesota be any better? Have a great time.

  7. Happy Birthday to B! After you explained the fan and what it does - my first thought was "cool", too!

  8. You tell B a big Happy Birthday from me. Have fun at the lake.

    Oh belated Happy Birthday to you and one for your husband as well.

  9. What great gifts all around! And how is it that she has aged 10 years and you have not?

  10. LOVE your belated birthday quilt! Happy Birthday to you and to all in your family. Your daughter looks like a very sweet young lady.

  11. I think B looks really happy with her quilt! (that little fan is cool though....)

    Visited Mary's house when I was in Turkey...

  12. happy birthday all! One day she will realize how very cool that quilt is!

  13. That quilt is so cool! She'll love it. Don't worry!

  14. My goodness! Happy birthday to all!! A terrific gift from Andrea. And some cool gifts for B. Too cute, the years go by too quickly! Enjoy every day and every birthday! Celebrate!

  15. LOL, how can we beat a fan that does that;)
    I love her quilt, still need to finish mine and then I will try a more mod and fun one for my daughter.


  16. Happy Birthday! Welcome to double digits! My little guy turns eleven tomorrow! Enjoy your time away from the City.

  17. ..Birthday greetings to y'all.....Hope your holiday weekend is a Memorable one!

  18. I have to say, the fan is cool (no pun intended). Wish your girl a belated happy birthday for me and enjoy your break for the weekend.

  19. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  20. Honestly, I am crying so hard, and I am happy! Congratulations Cool Girl! Birthday wishes being sent to you all the way from Cyprus!
    being a mom of 2 boys that are growing up way too fast, seeing that first picture, i guess I recognized my bliss in your beaming smile...


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