Wednesday, May 26, 2010

scrap swap fun!

This scrap challenge is finally pieced... (I need a name for this!)
It's been nearly done for a week or so,
but today I finally got it off my wall! yippee!
I used all of Bonnie's scraps that she sent me, and I had to add white's and neutrals to square it out,to to fill in the gaps... and to highlight certain areas...
hop over and see what she did with my scraps... I love her color gradation!

I was playing with some vintage blocks yesterday when the final piece of the puzzle fell into place... I felt that orange and purple block needed to live in the top quilt...
I like to throw in a little old, a little new, solids and prints all together...

I played a bit more on it's block, and it is on it's way to Sujata
for a little scrap swap fun!
She will send me something to play with as well.
Can't wait to see what it is!

I'm off for a few days!

Have a lovely long weekend!

I'll be seeing, this lovely person on Sunday!

What fun!


  1. I adore seeing what is on your design wall V, you have such incredible imagination. i love that blue block with the pink stripe through it. Have a fabulous time away xo

  2. Have a great weekend! Say Hi to Mary!

  3. When I first glanced at your scraps pieced together, it looked like an aerial view of a farm. Top left is the barn/buildings. That little square in the middle top is the top of a silo or something (with the shadow of the silo falling off to the right) and then the geese blocks in the middle are the crops. Then to the right are the mountains (on their side). On the left is another building (with a tiny pink triangle roof and a ivory building). And there are roads connecting it all. I dunno... I'm probably a little crazy to see all of this in the scraps. Still looks cool though!


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