Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello 80's!

It figures, everything that was HOT when I was a kid,
is now HOT-TER
with my nearly 10 year old!

I had started her portrait after I started mine,
but wanted to try a new direction.. and not do the same process
as I had done with mine..
So I got out my what's left of my PAINT stash..
(as the rest of it got put into storage)

And was going for a Black and white style with her portrait...
She came into my studio this morning and said
Why is my face all GREY!

(oh ye of little faith!)

But I was lacking some direction, until she got dressed this a.m.

She came out in BLACK, t-shirt, black mini skirt,
and her NEON High top Skeecher sneakers...


Then I new just what to do with this floundering project...
I pulled some bright solids, as close to NEON as possible...
Threw in some Graffiti, her initials, anything NYC and zig zags

And hopefully zap it up with some fun quilting...

It looks a bit rough, as it might be on a brick wall...

Hope I can pull it off...
Living up to a 10 year old expectations can be pretty tough.

I better make it "COOL!"


  1. You are a double Freakin genius, my friend!!! I stand in complete awe. You rock!

  2. It's looking great - now I know you can help me with mine!!

  3. LOL! Gotta love those 10 year olds! I love the direction you are going with this.

  4. Very, very cool...

    (ps you could always tell her the grey is sunscreen!)

  5. It is truly beautiful Victoria, It so alive and so personally yours I really like it !!! I will use the word I had to use in the word verification place before I was able to post, you know the funny blue letters , they used the word AWEPLEASED LOL !!! I am awepleased , or awestruck ...

  6. In the imortal words of my own DD that is just'way Cool!'

  7. Oh, you are on a roll! Very urban and modern, love it.

  8. It all ready looks COOL!!!!


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