Monday, May 3, 2010


Challenge yourself.
At the last NYC MOD guild meeting, some of us participated in a scrap swap...
Want to break out of sewing rut? Play in someone else scraps!

We are featured on the modern guild page today! go see!

Our goal was to take the scraps and make anything out of them
to bring back to show at our next meeting.

I took the scraps out of the bag, and thought,
Wow, these really are different
then anything I use...
(that's a good thing)

Yesterday I was inspired by Rayna's post...
She sent out some old blocks to a bunch of people
and asked them to rework them in any way.
Being familiar with Rayna's work, I had an idea I wanted to play with.

There was one piece of fabric in the bag that really inspired me.
a bight blue wax print,
and I knew that was what I wanted to show off in my piece...

Wax prints make me so happy.
they dance, they tell stories, the move and shake!
so that is the direction I wanted to work with...

Using curves from my own style of work, making fabric with all the lights with strips,
adding beloved geese for movement, and also trying to use up everything I was given...
I tried to focus on patterns and the different directions it could go,
but I also had a RED batik I need to add in somehow.
Since I am still sewing geese for the BIG basics house quilt(here).I knew that was it.
Also, it would add yet another direction for the piece...

Now I feel like I have hit North, East, South and West...

...on my table I had a nice big piece of Blue Kona lying there...
And wanted to add a bit of solids to contain the movement of the square...

The square is now 24" square.
It's still singing to me... I can hear it...

I'm not sure containing the movement is enough,
I think it's telling me, it's needs to grow and expand.

What do you think?

If anyone else wants to try a scrap challenge, send me an email and I will organize it.
I'm always up for new challenges...


  1. Way to cool V! I think I'd like to try that, count me in.

  2. Hi,
    I'd love to participate in a scrap swap. I also really liked the charm square swap that someone did a couple years ago.
    I work at a daycare and I take my tiniest bits of fabric to work and the little ones make collages with them. They are great! Its so mice to not have to discard that stuff.
    Mary C. (WA)

  3. I just LOVE what you came up with - I don't think that would have ever been in my mind...but it looks AMAZING!!
    I'm always up for a swap....

  4. I cannot believe what you did with those scraps. It worked up wonderful. When I first saw them I had doubt but your talent came through. Your the best. Love it

  5. Great block you made. I'd be interested in a scrap swap.

  6. Love this block!
    I was just looking at my scrap bin yesterday and thinking that I need to do something with I would
    be interested in a scrap swap too!

  7. I've had fun playing with your scraps for the past six months and you're right -- other people's fabric inspires creativity in a new way. can't join this one, but I'll watch the rest of you have fun.

  8. a scrap challenge is right up my alley. Love your block there! It's singing to me too!

  9. love your challenge piece...I think I hear it singing for some quilting now....

  10. Thanks for the link to the Modern Quilt Guild. I found out there's one near me and another quilting blogger from my area. Fun! I love watching you develop your ideas. Can't wait to see where this one takes you.

  11. I love that block! You have some seriously talented guilters in your new guild!

  12. Very creative way of using those scraps. I really like the flying geese on the left.

  13. I agree with you about the piece needing to expand....I love what you have done so far esp the geese. Keep going!!!

  14. This is sooooo cool. We all need a challenge and frequently too. I would be interested in a scrap swap. (I would hate to get repro fabrics, but that would be a challenge.) What you did was terrific. I wonder if I could find enough quilters to do one locally. Joined a Modern Quilt Group in a neighboring town. Maybe I could get them to do it.

  15. Hey V, Very cute! Happy quilting, friend!

  16. Hey that was my fabric and it looks so cool!!! Love what you did with it - It was a motley group of fabric. Love the wax print and flying geese. It is definitely needing to be more...

  17. What fun! The addition of the red fabric makes it very lively. Can you remember the name of that Kona blue? Its just what I need to border for my scrappy courthouse steps.

  18. first thing I see when I look at your growing piece are two eyes and a rippling mouth! (turn the piece to the left!!!)...almost totem pole-like. I like it! :)

  19. I really like what you are doing with this quilt but I don't think it's ready to be fenced in yet - it looks too wild and free!


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