Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need Quilts!

Here it is, a day early!

You know I am very pleased with the amount of support you all gave me
with the House block gather.
I now have about 60-70 quilts to make, myself for the cause!!! THANK YOU!

But it certainly isn't the 700 my friend asked me for...

So I am asking again for your help.


Together I know we can make a difference in some one's life,
simply by donating a blanket.

The new site lists all the information you need,
about the on going quilt drive for Basics Inc.

700 families are on the the list for housing.
Approximately 20 families a month are moved out of shelters, and back into homes With whatever then have managed to carry with them.

BASICS Inc. depends on contributions and donations from Businesses and individuals
to give these people the barest of necessities...
A mattress, a table, a few utensils...
besides medical care, getting the children back in school,
school supplies, clothes, food,
skills to learn to care for their homes and families, look for jobs and training...

A smile, Support,
And showing that people care.

I'd like to think we can reach that 700 quilt goal.
It's a very big goal.

Can you help?

The first 25 people to donate quilts will receive a $10 gift certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics.
(ANY KIND OF QUILTS, not house block quilts, see site for more information)

As the we reach small goals of 50, 75, 100 quilts, more raffles will be added with prizes.

long arm services

There may even be a sewing machine!

Hop over :
All the information you need is on the site.
please visit

Take a look around,
Finish up that old quilt top you've decided you'll never finish,
Let's give it a new home.

Let's see what magic number we can come up with...

Thank YOU for your support!

to help spread the word.


  1. Hi, Victoria. I ahve a quilt top that I will bind tonight and send in the mail. Where should I mail it? Thanks for being so involved in such a wonderful cause! Em

  2. hi Everyone!
    ALL of the information is on the site for where to send quilts, what they accept etc.

    please visit

    Thank you!

  3. Great - I have been looking at one of my finished quilt tops for far too long. Do you want us to use a special label? Tried to comment on your new blog, but got kicked out several times...
    See quilt here:

  4. I advertised it. I will see if I can make one, but as an all by hand sewer, any quilt is a huge investment for me. I will try though!

  5. It's on my blog and a quilt will be in the mail this week. Thanks for everything you do for charity.

  6. Can you offer any suggestions about machine stitching binding onto a quilt? I've got three that need binding and am feeling a little overwhelmed by wanting to get them to BASICS but not being able to finish them...

  7. Fabulous way to get more! I'm sending at least one and maybe more! Wonderful project in all ways!!!


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