Sunday, May 2, 2010


For the visionaries, gal, Thea and her boyfriend, are in NYC for a couple days, and since they are staying right outside my studio window, I told her she HAD to come by and say hi.

I'm ready to hop on their plane back to Australia... I've never been, and so thanks to the internet, and the growing number of people I know there, perhaps it will make the dream a reality one of these days...

We talked quilts and crafts etc etc. and nail polish... yes, nail polish... we each had a gift for the other about nail polish, as both of us had something about nails in a post on the same day...
I now have some spicy red toes called the Thrill of Brazil!
Your thrilled to know this right?

I'm actually feeling quite relaxed right now, having been pampered by two 9 years old...(!!!)
I had an oatmeal yogurt lemon scrub,
and a banana honey mask done today...
along with a nice head scrub and hand massage....

A friend gave my 9 yr old daughter The Natural Beauty Book (Klutz) with recipes for them
to do facials and steams and homemade conditioners etc...

But I think I'm the one who got the best deal out of that gift!
ahh! my skin feels so young! (back of hand to forehead in slight fainting style)
wink wink.

I see geese for the week, some more applique, and perhaps a few goodies for Purl soho..
I never made it last week, so tomorrow is the day.

Wednesday, looks to be the launch day for the
Bumble Beans Basics Quilt drive!
stay tuned!
there will be a new address for the site.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Happy Sewing!


  1. Love the red nail polish. Do you know the name of the beauty spa book. I'd love to get that!

  2. My eyes went straight to the quilt on your design wall. Love it. Oh how I remember homemade facials...oatmeal and egg. Vinegar rinse for the hair,

  3. Victoria,

    If you google your name/blog name, you can click on a cached version of your page and you will find all your old blog links. Just look for the word "cached" and click on it!


  4. I am with Stephanie! That quilt on the wall is gorgeous. What a great photo of the two of you, you both look relaxed. Must be the spa treatment. Gotta love that!

  5. I'd like the name of the book too please, if possible.

    Lurve those red toe nails!

  6. Great quilt on the wall! looks like ya'll had fun.

    My Mom used to make all sorts of home made "beauty" recipes...I remember oatmeal being used a lot!

  7. your toes look so COMPLETELY fantastic that I made a loud sound when I saw them - hehehehe "thrilling"!!! I'm going to paint mine when I get home an the poor toes are not continually in sneakers! Looking forward to your australian visit!!!!! great post!



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