Thursday, March 4, 2010

clean up time

Awhile ago, I made a quilt for my granddaughter,
(I am a step grandma, grandma all the same in our family... )
And it was covered in CATS... She LOVES cats... well, I made it in reds, (no surprise) ...
I asked her what her new favorite colors were, she said,


So this round robin quilt, Shelly and I have been working on, is going to go to her...
How could it not??

I had to do a fun scrappy border, mainly because
I do not have many PINK, FUSCHIA AND PURPLE prints,
And the anyhow, the colors of J Bari's prints, are just so darn cute it was the only choice!
And the Hot pink Jennifer Paganelli prints too...
Seriously some of my favorite prints, even if they are PINK!

I begged Anne to make me a Empire state building block... Thank you ANNE!
I owe ya one! I just love it... Got some ideas rolling around in my head for that block... we'll see.
Isn't it darling? sitting up there on the design wall, top right...

I got straight to quilting the Manhattan sunrise?
Sunny D?
Vitamin D delight?

quilt last night...
So far, ehhhh, it's going OK, but I really need to build on it...
we'll see where it leads me...

always an adventure...
Sunny D, hmmm, might just be the name for that quilt.......

I had to order some of this other Paula Prass blue fabric... It's so lovely...
I love how it looks with the blocks too, that I still am playing with...

Thanks Cherie! I love the houses!



  1. You put fabrics together in the most interesting way and it always seems to work so well. I get inspired to put fabrics together I might not do otherwise. Thank you.

  2. I love the Paula Prass blue fabric with those blocks:) I need to get more bold in my color choices, I always play it safe.

  3. So much fun stuff, it's always a ray of sunshine to read your blog. I love the way the sky came out with the fabric Cherie chose for her house blocks!

  4. V, Lot's and lot's of really goo stuff today! First off, I luv what you did for the quilt that is going to N! I luv, luv luv a pieced border! Secondly, the yellow and pink quilt is alot bigger than I thought. I can't wait to see it quilted. And lastly, I luv that blue with the Paula Prass blocks! Great stuff today, my friend! Happy quilting!

  5. My eye is drawn to that block on the right. The little waverunner.

    Those pinks are so so girly. She'll love it.

  6. The rose fabric in that pink quilt is so beautiful and I'm not a floral kind of person. Maybe it is just in how you put it together in that quilt for your Grandaughter - really pretty!

  7. I was thinking Manhattan Sunrise, but Sunny D is good too.

  8. That is a perfect quilt for a young girl, she will love it.
    I just gave away some bright pinks, not a color I use.


  9. Oh miss Bumble Beans, what a lovely way to start my morning. Sipping on coffee AND looking at all your colorful goodness is doing the trick.

    All girls seem to love pinks and purples and this one is especially gorgeous.

    LOVE the turq fabric with the quilt! May I post it on my blog?


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