Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm trying to get a few projects done and out of here....
And silly me, started cleaning out my closet!!

Wow, you should see the mess... Why did I do that this week?
You know how it is, it builds up and then when your swamped with work you
start something else??

Oh well, by Friday I hope to have it clean, (and my studio!)
and have a few finishes as well...
I have three projects right now that need to be done
or should have been done Monday... Here's two of them...

I think the colors are more accurate in the top photo on the floor... weird light today...

I've been playing with my curve pieces... and i think I must be Vitamin D short, which may or may not have inspired the color scheme,, pink orange ad yellow...

well, you know the saying, fake it to you make it?
It may not be real sunshine, but the colors are making me smile anyway,
to get through the last few weeks of winter...

I'm pinning it out now and want to get right on the quilting...ASAP...
Name name, what to name it....??

Tonight I also hope to finish the hand sewing and bury threads on the rocking chair quilt,
aka: feels like grandma's house quilt...
I am sooooo happy with the way this one turned out...

ok, gotta keep boogie-ing...


  1. What a bright and cheery the lines to it too!

  2. Sorry to hear that your cleaning out closets, sewing is much more fun. I like the yellow and pink with the blue. Your quilting looks amazing on Grandma's rocking chair! Very well done! Have a great time quilting (when you get to it.) I'm going running today! It's a glorious day!

  3. I really like those quilts, the geometrics and colors are gorgeous.


  4. Weaving Sunshine? Woven Sunshine? first thoughts on your fun quilt. I'm guessing you're doing this in the same manner as the Wave Runner? Cutting with scissors and just sewing it together? very fun.

  5. Since curves are my weakness, I need to cut loose and sew those straps together. Love the grandma's house quilt too, modern with some traditional touches.

  6. How about Waves of Sunshine or Fiber D Therapy? I truly love this quilt.

  7. Love your PINK, FUSCHIA & PURPLE quilt....your granddaughter should be dancing with joy :) My email is izoofan2 AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks! Cherie

  8. That piece is gorgeous! :) I LOVE IT! :) Bravo!! Nice job! I'm going to have to copy-cat, and do something similar, thank you for making my eyes happy! :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I LOVE IT! :) Bravo!! Beautiful job. I am going to have to copy-cat you on this idea. ;) Thank you for delighting my eyes.


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