Friday, March 5, 2010


As I clean off my cutting table, I cut scraps into squares,
and all the little trimmings I now put into their own box for the next scrappy tile type quilt
I want to make... I thought perhaps I was a little nuts when
I was saving 1" triangles... But I could not get myself to throw them away...

I now know this was a very good idea...
I have had an idea rolling around my noggin for months.
And although I really don't need another project... I got out that box,
threw up some fabric on the wall,
and very quickly I purged the idea from my skull... feels good!!
Here's a peak above... but your gonna have to wait till I'm done before you see this one...

(And those half square triangles have come in VERY handy indeed!)
so, basically, don't throw anything out... ;-)

9patchnurse sent a few CUTE blocks!
as well as 5 from Karen

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

9 patch also sent some 10.5" squares and some bindings!
Very helpful indeed, These are awesome!
I look forward to stretching these blocks to get as many quilts as possible...

Hope to see many of you locals, here tomorrow
for the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild meeting!

I'm trying to clean my place, but, well, sewing keeps getting in the way!
you understand right?



  1. Your organization blows my mind. All my scraps get thrown into large clear plastic zippered bags ... and I love the tiny snippet triangles in particular.

    I've cut a bunch of blocks and bindings for you. Have I figured out correctly that 9 yards is needed to bind one quilt?

  2. Like little treasure boxes. Love the pre-cut shape idea...House is cleaned, cake is baked, dinner in the crockpot, sun is shining. I'm going to spend the entire weekend sewing--the guys can live on cake right?

  3. Your box of squares looks like a very good idea. Half the work is already done. And I do love square quilt patches. I might just have to copy your idea here.

    Goodness seeing all those lovely houses makes me feel like a very bad girl. I am going to do mine this weekend, promise!! I have some apricot strips 2.5" wide that I don't really like. Do you want them or does that sound awful?? Tell me the truth!

  4. Your freaky organizational skills have definitely come in handy today! I wish had some of that. I am organized in my own weird way, that is not readily apparent at first glance. The house blocks look great! Have fun at your meeting tomorrow!

  5. lots of lovliness :) I feel shamed into admission of not having made my house blocks yet, but this weekend should be perfect timing :) Enjoy your guild meeting, have fun!

  6. My organization is NOT. Every scrap goes in a plastic bag alond with the leftover bindings, blocks and even the squaring pieces if they are big enough. I aspire to be you as far as organization and giving goes.

    The house blocks are great. The quilts will be so welcomed by their recipients.

  7. I planned on cutting my scraps into blocks, just haven't gotten around to it;)

    The new blocks are wonderful.


  8. I keep adding bits of fabric to the overflowing drawer of scraps. One day I plan to sit down and cut them up to use in scrap quilts. It's just boring tedious work. I know it needs to be done, just find many other things more fun.

    I like your idea of separating them into their own little tubs. I think I might have to take a trip to the dollar store and pick up some new containers. Container buyig is something I do enjoy :)


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