Saturday, February 27, 2010

lessons for all

While B is hanging out in my studio making her homework project for Prairie days...
I threw a few strips on the wall to play...

Her project was more fun to watch growing....

Her theme was Pioneers, I shown her examples of folk art, and quilts made in the 1800's, and she decided a quilt was a good way to make her project...

So, hmm, how does one make this project easy enough for her to manage on her own?
WONDER UNDER, charm squares and yarn... to the rescue!

She cut out her shapes, and with wonder under, ironed everything into place...
very little sewing... except for back ground, and binding...

Half way through the project she realized it was supposed to be in 3D... so we had a lesson from a pack of pre-cut charm squares and how to draw a cube..., a few seams, easy peasey,
a 3D house now appears...

She has already completed one quilt on her own, and has started her second,
(click here & here)
so that was not a problem... She sewn the squares together making the house like a cube to stick off the face of the quilt... (enough to make kathy york proud! have you seen this?)

When she made her first quilt, she loved machine quilting it... But this time I taught her how to tie a quilt. She got creative on the thread choices to make some plants growing in the field
And constructed home furnishings for inside the house...

She enjoyed sewing on the binding, of all things... she thought folding the corners was like origami... I can't tell you how confusing I thought bindings were the first few times I did them, but she had no problem...
It's funny, the things I find the hardest in sewing,
like machine quilting and bindings are not difficult for kids to learn.
Sewing a straight line... keeping the fabric smooth while sewing, is much harder...

But I have to say,
She did a pretty darn good job!

Also, thank you to my mother, she called while B was pushing the needle through the fabric to make the ties... she couldn't get the needle through, and mother said, give her a pliers to pull it through... and so I did... and it worked!

I Probably would not have thought of that.

Thanks Ma!

Now just to get B to finish the circus quilt...
Does anyone know any good books on weaving?
She LOVES to weave... and I need to find more info for her, she wants to do bigger projects...

And thank you to Nicole and Janet for these
very sweet houses! I just love how these are all turning out!

Wanna help too?
Block gather, click here>
Blocks will be gathered til April 30th...
so keep them coming...



  1. April only has 30 days. I love B's project. Great job. Its great seeing all the blocks. So many....they are addicting to make. Wow! Maybe u will make 700 quilts. Everyone is so generous. I love the quilting community!

  2. Love B's quilt! And the 3-D house is great!

  3. B's quilt is going to be so cute. I hope she gets an A+. Just sent you an email, I will do some houses.

  4. wow wow wow B! FABULOUS job. My son made a quilt for a project in middle school but it was all flat...this is GREAT! Can you show ME how to make 3D boxes???

  5. Is there something higher than an A+? Fantastic, creative, amazing. A+ to Mom to for guiding your talented daughter.

  6. she idd an amazing job!
    looks wonderful!
    I use a jar lid to pull needles thru if I am having a problem or those latex gloves, just bunch one up and use it
    works like a charm!
    Kids are amazing I think its cause they don't over analyze things like we do and just want to jump in and do it.
    have a great weekend

  7. How cute! My mom used to weave and I believe they built a home made sit-down weaving frame. If you are interested I will check if they still have plans - though they will be in German... Just a thought. My houses must be stuck in the mail - oh well, I'll give the mail man or lady a break with all this snow.

  8. Her quilt is fabulous! She's just as talented as her mama.

  9. Hey V, That girl of yours is certainly "her mamma's daughter". B's quilt is FABULOUS! Well done! Looks like y'all had a good day! Happy sewing to you both!

  10. Like mother, like daughter -- B's quilt is amazing!

  11. B's quilt is SO cute! She did a great job with it. The teacher is probably going to like it so much she will want to keep it. I would if I were the teacher!

  12. I loved reading about B's process for putting together her pioneer quilt, AND THEN she made it 3D. How awesome is that. It looks fabulous! What a great day!

  13. That is one amazing daughter! I wouldn't have expected anything less. It's great when the parents can let the kids just go and try to hold them back or change their vision. Great job Mom!

    I love how B decided to use her quilt ties as plants. Nice...

    I love the idea of weaving. Haven't had the chance to try much...yet. I have no books to suggest though. I usually visit the library to try out a few books to see if they have anything I like.

  14. Tell B that I'm really impressed! Great post V. I especially love that photo of her weaving with the Waverunner quilt behind her!

  15. Your daughter did not fall far from the tree! What a wonderful project :-)

  16. Love the 3-d house. B is a great young quilter!

  17. You have a very talented daughter. What an awesome work of art! Way to go B!!


  18. That will definitely B the best project of the whole class!
    One patient mom and on persistent daughter equals amazing results.

  19. What a fun and creative way to do a school project. Sounds like she is already a textile lover. The weaving is great too. Your daughter is lucky having such a helping and creative Mom. BonnieB

  20. That girls got talent. She's a natural. I love the house and the ties making the garden plants. Nice job B.

  21. Well done B, I love what you made, clever girl! Best wishes from England

  22. Like mother, like daughter - her project is wonderful!

  23. I go away for a day or two and I have a hard time catching up with your posting. Your darling daughter is so talented and lucky to have you as a mom. Fantastic quilt! Thanks for the posting of my houses and link.

  24. I'm so impressed with B's projects and the amount of creativity she has at her age. I smile just thinking about it! I have great memories of working in my Mom's sewing room (and her helping me) and B will grow up with those great memories as well. I'm no help with the weaving - I never moved beyond potholders!


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