Friday, February 26, 2010


"Creativity shows its colors serendipitously.
You never know when it's going to arise

or what will awaken the wonderful beast."

Ken Vinton art teacher and author

When does creativity hit?

only when your playing?

When you are staring off into space

watching the snowflakes come down?

in dreams?

(Thank you Nellie, Shelly, Penny, Ros!!)

in the shower?

in the car?

House Block gather

Out of the blue?

Let your mind wander today...

(if your in the north east,
what else can you do today in a snowstorm?



  1. Wow! Great question! I'd have to answer: All of the Above. It hits me at the oddest moments. I always find myself hoping I notice! I'd hate to miss the Big One! Since I've started carrying a notebook and my camera with me everywhere I go, I manage to take note of a lot more I might otherwise have forgotten. I also get laughed at a lot for taking pictures of the unexpected. While everyone else is taking pictures of people and events, I'm shooting the tile floor, leaves, the old tin ceiling, flowers, the wall mosaic, the upholstery or carpeting . . . In fact, a new pattern I have coming out soon is based on the upholstery on the booth seats in a little diner I eat lunch at occasionally!

  2. Hey Shelly! (prairie moon quilts)
    thanks for that comment! I am so with you on always holding everyone up because I have to pull over to take a picture of something...
    I love that you have a pattern coming out with inspiration form your diner... I have pics of the floor from mine! he he!

  3. I love what you are creating in the 1st image. I'll be waiting to see what you do with it. I would love time to create... but it might be a couple of weeks before I get the time, to bring it to fruition anyway. I am always coming up with ideas. So fun! I live vicariously thru you these days! ;)

  4. Creativity usually comes when I'm spending the day mowing and weed-eating and can't do anything about it!

    Woo hoo! We are going to hit mid-40s today here in the south, so we are happy to leave the snow farther north!

  5. I love that a few of the houses are right facing rather than left facing. Hats off to all the house block volunteers. May the quilt bring comfort and solace to those in need of it.

  6. Sometimes, when it is least expected!
    And you feel the rush that only be calmed by creating!
    I love reading your blog! Lovely pictures and quite inspirational!

  7. Cherie,
    that was really lovely. thank you for say these kind words.

    All you Volunteers, you are indeed, fabulous!

  8. Mine comes when I play with my designer scraps. Hey, I still plan to send a few house blocks, my work has just been crazy lately. Do you still want them?

  9. Wow! Look at that snow. The storm bypassed us. We just got a few flurries. Lucky us. ttfn :) Yuki

  10. V, You just never know when inspiration will come from. I've had it from all of the above. I've even been inspired by a sportscaster's tie. I get a lot of ideas when I run. (Not that I've been able to do that lately.)
    That snow looks COLD! Stay warm and happy sewing!

  11. Tend to dream a lot, but see opportunities all around too :)

    That sure is a lot of snow, has it stopped yet? I heard 21" so far! Keep warm, happy playing :)

  12. I do my best creative thinking driving my kids around. It's kind of tricky trying to get my ideas on paper at the red lights. ;)

  13. Yikes that's a lot of snow.
    Great bloggers like you inspire me.
    And as for the right facing houses, you see I was the rebel and faced mine the other way,,,,opps.

  14. As others above have said "YES" to all of the options...and I'm sure there are even more. I was directed to your blog (this is my first time here) by Katyquilts as one she enjoyed. Now I can see why. I'll be dropping in here more often I can tell.

    Stay warm!!! (Oh, and have you tried snow dyeing fabric???) Living in Minnesota, I have found that even other Minnesotans think I'm nuts because I get so excited when it snows!! Time to snow dye!!

    See you later!


  15. When does creativity hit? In the middle of the night! When I am in the middle of a project. When I least expect it!


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