Sunday, February 28, 2010

out and about NYC

Park Avenue Snow Woman....
You wouldn't expect Park Avenue to have a frosty corn cob pipe,
looking snowman would you?

Friday night, a walk to dinner in Times Square...
Seems there should be a batman signal in the sky...

Visiting my hubby at work...
Seeing the new works by James Rosenquist

And lastly, snowmen, our style...
We go to our roof to play in the untouched snow...
It's so quiet and lovely up there... and what a view!


  1. I love NYC so much. I have told my husband I would move there in a minute but he loves Minnesota and I do to but not as much as NYC.

    I love reading your blog and and the tours you provide of the city.

  2. Thank you for a little tour.


  3. Wow, that's alot of snow! I'm speechless, which as you know doesn't happen very often. Y'all stay warm and have a good Sunday! Happy quilting, my friend!

  4. Very cool! I can't imagine all that snow in the city at once!!

  5. V - What a great day in NYC!! Thank you for sharing the photos, especially the last one, just precious!

  6. The snowwoman is so fun...and much more NYC than Frosty ever could be!

  7. Of course there would be such a stylish snow woman on Park Avenue - too funny! I love your private play area! How nice to have such a sanctuary in the City.

  8. Whenever you do a post on NYC, I show my husband, because he really enjoys reading / looking at them! Wow... a rooftop snow garden! How lovely! Your daughter's project below is so cool. She is obviously a very creative little girl!!!

  9. What perfect snow for a snowman on the roof! And I'd love to see that view!!

  10. Next to Paris, I love New York!
    I think there's a song in there!

    Your photos deserve a great thanks.

  11. I LOVE the BIG Apple!
    That snow lady would make one wonderful story quilt! Thank you for sharing, I love your blog.

  12. Thanks for sharing your outing. Love the last one. We're always intrigued by the water tanks on top of the buildings. We haven't seen them in any other city.

  13. Nice pictures of NYC--your home. Although we live in a much! smaller city, we have moved to an area where we can walk to almost anything we want. Nice not to be so car dependent.


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