Friday, January 15, 2010

weekend wrap up.

color and moods

We all have our colors we like and dislike,

and we can all add a word that describes these below,

and we have our own feelings about them....
(these are what I associate with these colors)

White : balance
yellow: joy
Red: Energetic (enveloping)
Purple: Spiritual
Orange: enthusiasm
Green: grounded, natural
Black: power
Blue: comfort
Brown: nurturing

I wonder if we select color by mood when we quilt?

by memories?

or by strictly what looks good together?

Do you have a color that you totally avoid?

I think I do that with light pink... It was my bedroom color growing up...
pink walls, pink carpet, pink rose bedspread.... I think I got PINKED out....

How funny is my bedroom wall??
(can anyone name the the guy in the photo? 80's soap star?)

Happy exploring your colors...

Let me know what color you like to avoid...

For me today, I have enjoyed working on my kitchen sink quilt... Not thinking about my color choice, and just sewing stuff together, and making it fit...

Sometimes, it's nice to not think about it...

And let go.

Happy Sewing and have a lovely weekend...


  1. I think I avoid brown. Growing up it was "icky" and a "boy" color. However, I have seen some lovely blue and brown quilts lately, and last year I won a Summer in the City by Urban Chiks charm pack including a solid brown fabric to coordinate with it. I love the brown with the pinks, oranges, blues, and yellows of the fabrics. I think I have also avoided gray in the past as a cold, drab color, but have changed my mind after seeing solid gray used so effectively in so many quilts instead of white or cream. It's always nice to expand our horizons and see colors, designs, and fabrics in a new light. Never say never, I guess.

  2. was he Brad on the young and the restless??

  3. I guess I steer clear of pastels altogether. They just seem so sad to me. And as far as the picture goes - his name escapes me but was he on The Young & the Restless? Married to or "with" Jill Abbott at one time or another! Interesting collection on your walls. Jenn

  4. well first let me say that I think is: sweet and fun
    I like black being "power" as I love black in quilting and decorating as well as apparel.
    I avoid purple and all pastels for the most part.
    happy weekend

  5. I like to wear brown, but for some reason I avoid it in quilts.

  6. Can't do blue.
    Aqua is OK. But blue gives me the irits.
    Don't know why. Love a blue sky. Love clear blue water.
    But blue in my home must be banished!!!!
    (Too strong?)

  7. I would tell you I love all the colors and use them all but you would know that is not true. Brown doesn't generate enough wind to blow my skirt up very often. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't like it. (But I do luv pink!) Happy sewing, my friend!

  8. I rarely use pink but when I have to make a quilt for a baby girl I do force myself to use pink. Like you my room was Pepto Bismal pink. I loved it at the time but grew to hate it. I DO NOT use brown. I am not sure I even have a brown piece of fabric. I love your pictures of liberated blocks, very motivating.

  9. Iavoid sludgy dark browny greenys and navy yuk!

  10. Don Diamont was Brad Carlton on Y&R! As I remember... He started as the Abbott's Pool Boy/Gardener and dated Traci! ahh those were the days, then the rest is history!


  11. I avoid pastels and white. I like bright, bold colors, and I don't really care for the washed out ones. However, I'm trying to expand my horizons. My AAQI Challenge quilt for the Liberated Quilters group features a lot of those faded-out colors I usually try to avoid.

  12. I hardly ever use blue or pink unless I'm making a baby quilt. Guess I like brights the most.

  13. I've learned to never say never to a colour, or a fabric. You never know what mood you'll be in. Much of my inspiration comes from what I see around me, whether that be nature, architecture, food. Al I know is that I love colour!

    (PS Did a colour post myself today.)

  14. I love this post. I am an art therapist & I firmly believe that everyone picks every color, especially in art expression -quilting, for a reason.

    Quilts can be very comforting, you can wrap up in them, etc. so I know that almost everyone does, whether they realize it or not! But since every color means different things to different people, the reasoning is with the artist. Interestingly enough though, people who look at it put their own (unconscious or conscious) meaning on to the quilt as well! :)

    Hope that wasn't too much clinical talk! ;) Have a great weekend! :)

  15. I usually avoid usually red. Sorry! I know that's your favorite. The university mascot colors in Madison are red and white, so I get a little sick of those Badger-red shirts every.where! I am drawn to purple, black and grey in clothes, or pink, green and blue in quilting. What a fun color study!

  16. I can't say that I really avoid it, I just don't have a lot of blue.

  17. It would have to be tone on tone black. I love black and white prints but tone on tone black is tough for me.....mostly cuz it shows the dog hair really bad!!!

  18. If I avoid anything, it's pink. When I was little, my mom decided I should "be pink". My sister "was blue". I hate pink and she doesn't much care for blue. Funny, huh?

    Unfortunately, my granddaughters love pink. So I have to use it some.

    I've learned to never say never when it comes to color. I hated orange and now like it! You have to use every color to make a rainbow!

  19. I avoid purple for some reason. But, my tastes change with the wind:) I have a lot of blue and my new "must have" color is red. Your list is for thought!


  20. I avoid mint green...same reason. My bedroom was painted that color for YEARS until I browbeat my dad into painting it blue. LOVE your blocks with EVERYTHING in them. I have been doing 'mindless' sewing wih my scraps. Whatever my hand hits is the next one sewn. I'm up to 60 blocks. SOMEONE will be getting a REALLY scrappy quilt.

  21. Interesting post. This minute, I'd say I avoid purple. But a funny thing happens when I give voice to something I don't care for. Life starts handing me examples of it in an effort to prove me wrong. I usually weaken and decide it's not so bad after all. Happened recently with butterflies. I'm not a butterfly person, then suddenly I kept seeing things with butterflies that I actually liked. Funny thing, life. Purple should start showing up soon. :-)

  22. I avoid muddy greens and especially muddy greens with browns or blacks. Bleah!

  23. I can't think of a single color I avoid. I love all color . . . all colors. I can think of some color combinations I avoid, but as for a specific color, no . . . love them all, pretty much use them all.


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