Saturday, January 16, 2010


So whatever has influenced us in our color choices over the years, It's been a interesting journey.
It's fun to look back now and see which colors stand out in my childhood, and which choices I make now in my work to see if they relate or not...

As I watch my daughter grow, and her color choices shift, I get to watch it in motion....
She was a girl who would only wear Rainbow striped clothing for the first 5 years of her life...
Her favorite color was RAINBOW, at 5 she decided BROWN was her new favorite, and this past week, as we realized it was time for some new clothes that fit, her closet is BLACK, GRAY and TURQUOISE... with one pair of RED shoes... So who knows...

Perhaps International Harvester Tractors won't be her inspiration for an
Insane amount of RED stash one day...

But maybe it will be the Empire state Building lit up
and GREEN against the BLACK night sky.

Or maybe it will be a quilt I made her that she wraps up in at night,
that she will hang on to into her grown up years... Time will tell.

Lastly, here's that Doll quilt I mentioned, the orange and white checkerboard quilt that I have had since I was a little thing... Once thought odd, Orange has been my favorite color for quite a long time... I wonder who made this... Gotta ask my mother...
And also the Very top first image is a TINY doll pillow someone made for me when I was little... It's only about 6" sweet for words...

So, Happy Saturday. I'm off to buy more PINK fabrics since I goofed and cut up about 200 squares of pink yesterday the wrong size....
(never say never to using a certain color! that's what happens...)

Someone will be getting a pink quilt now!


  1. What's not to like about pink? Happy pink shopping and happy cutting!
    I just gotta ask, How many bad words did you say when you realized you had cut all that fabric up and it was the wrong size?

  2. Interesting about your daughter's color choice evolution because my niece when through the exact same preferences at the same ages! I will have to dig through some old pictures in my baby book. I think my doll blanket was white with felt applique farm animals on it. Seems cute but a little boring! Have fun shopping!

  3. I'm sure your pink quilt will be as pretty as the rest of your quilts! I love your red stash.

  4. hope it was your accu cutter having done 200 wrong sizes...and not your rotary blade!!

    what a bummer, but i always enjoy an excuse for fabric shopping really.

    my clothes are usually plain daughter, however, will not accept a shirt without some type of funny how different we are!

  5. Well, I'm sure glad someone else can goof up on cutting too! I've loved reading about your colour journey, it's made me look at what I have around me too.


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