Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seeing colors

Well, that was fun to see the responses to that red post!
I found that some of the colors you all are drawn too,
reminded me of how I associate colors with people...

Usually it's people I know quite well, but Many of you whom I have chatted with through blogland, have "A COLOR"

When I associate colors with people,
It doesn't usually make much sense...
Like for myself,
I think of myself as a kelly to lime green... (I'm a green chair!)
I guess the top new cross quilt photo really sums me up... Green's and reds...
My hubby, is a medium bright blue...
B is a red...
All these colors in this photo!
(This could be my family photo!) ;-)
I guess that makes sense when you look at my living room in the last post..
all those colors are there...

Some of you, have colors assigned to you!
When I read your posts and comments,
I definitly have a color in my head when I think of you...

let's see...
Sio, Is a blue. royal blue.
Andi is so Pink.
Tonya, Purple.
Shelly, she's Yellow.
Amy is a periwinkle blue.
Brenda, royal to dark blue
Trudi is a gold
Janet, burgundy
Andrea, sea foam green
Jenny orange/red
Michelle is Hot Pink

So... wanna know your color?
ask me, if I got one I'll tell ya. ;-)

No rhyme or reason, just colors pop into my head...

What is funny, is like I said, Orange is my favorite color...
But do I have ANY orange quilts?

well. Io was going to say no... but I have two tiny ones...
I have tried twice to work with orange on a small scale,
and neither make me sing... they are fun, just not something I'd want a big one made of...

I had a orange and white checkered doll quilt, I gotta dig it out this weekend... as a kid I thought it was very ugly, but now I think it's divine. I'll get back to you with that pic.

The orange Christo gates in Central Park,

and a pink and orange blanket!
with a boo hiding!
Love orange.


Red, I use the most,
Orange is my favorite color.
And guess what color I have the most in my stash?
It's a color I pretty much live in...
Blue. I have more blue than anything, and I have never really used much of blue in my quilts...

So, My question to you is,
What color do you have the most of in your stash?


  1. Wish I knew what color I have most in my stash......

  2. No specific colour, but loads of batiks. I suppose if I had to pick one though it would be blue.

    That photo of the Christo Gates is stunning. The colours are magnificent.

    What colour am I and don't you dare say pink!

  3. Definitely hot pink/fuschia! Then lime green. The least amount of any color is blue. I am definitely not a blue girl, that is why I kind of forced myself to go with that color scheme on my blog. It is outside my box.

  4. I think my most prominent color in my stash is probably pink. I love the color purple but I think I only have one fat quarter that is purple.

  5. You are brick red and dark teal to me. Luv that picture of B with all the stuffed animals. I have a similar picture of my son. So cute!
    I've got alot of blue and red and I've got alot of batiks. I've got alot of fabric, period. I should go make a quilt! Happy quilting my friend!
    Luv, luv, luv the red and green crosses!

  6. ooo, tell me my color! :) I have cream/white/tan and blue/green in my stash...probably because lots of them are older fabrics that don't thrill me much. However I did make a tiny dent in the blues by making a king size string quilt. Amazing how nice the older fabrics can become in small pieces with a few new fabrics and a bit of yellow.

  7. I like any color, as long as it's pink. Love it, don't care who knows it.

  8. What color do you think am I V? I love all color. The more the merrier! Pastels scare me a little though.

  9. that's funny that you see me as blue, since I wear lots and lots of green of many shades. I just bought an apple green sweater to add to the collection. I think red is the dominant colour in my stash, mostly because I collected reds for a couple of years for a red quilt, which turned out to be quite small and I've lost interest in making another one. after that, it's black and white prints.

  10. i LOVE your red cross blocks. so fun! and i'd love to know what color you think i am. (you are so cute.)

    as far as the most predominant color in my stash? i think i have a little bit of everything. blues and greens might be in the majority though.

  11. When I took a year long Baltimore Applique class the woman I sat next to had a fabric mantra - Orange is a neutral. I have to admit after hearing month on end orange started creeping into my stash at alarming rate! (my very first quilt comleted when I was 16 yo was a green and orange drunkards maybe I was just going back to my quilting roots!) works for me!

  12. I just started my stash this year, but I would say it has loads of jewel-toned colors. :) I love those.

  13. I want to say red, but I have been stashing up on all kinds of colours for a while, including lots of multi coloured and neutrals, so I don't know any more. My favourites are red, orange and purple, and I use them all the time.

  14. I have mostly blues in my stash. Red is my favorite, so I use it, and that's why red isn't the most abundant. Which must mean that I don't use a lot of blues, and that's why I have so many blues. I don't dislike blue, however -- maybe I just need to make a blue quilt?!

    I have found that over the years, my favorite color has changed. It keeps moving around the color wheel. For a long time, it was blue, then it became purple, now it's red. They say your tastes change every seven years, so I wonder what my next one will be? Right now I'm in a lime green and chocolate brown phase . . . could that mean something? Hmmm.....

  15. I have wayyyy too much pink, and then red. Not sure why, I don't think of myself as a girly girl.

    Do you associate a color with me?

  16. I have mostly greens in my stash and it isn't even a color I use a whole lot of. I guess I must buy so many greens since I do a lot of applique. I assume it must be in the back of my head I need stems and leaves.

  17. I have the most green in my stash! I LOVE green. I put green in every quilt I make, well . . . almost.

    Love your blog! We call our son "Beans". Have a great day!

    Jennifer in Ohio

  18. I have the most orange in my stash, and the least I have is blue. I love green too....and that combo of "poison" green and red in the top quilt of yours is deeee-vine!

    I like red, and it's in nearly every room of my home, but orange is my fave!

  19. LOVE the red and green quilt, LOVE the orange peeking through your blue stash, and absolutely fascinated you came up with gold as my colour! Talk about spot on and spooky! My all time fave colour gold/soft rich buttery yellow :) You are amaizing!

  20. Oddly, green. Yet until I made my grass quilt I'd only ever made one small green wallhanging. Blue is a close second.

    And my favourite colours are red and orange. Hmm, perfect compliments...

  21. The color I have most of is pink in variations from pale baby pink to bright fucshia. My favorite color is blue for me to wear, gold and browns to decorate with and I am drawn to things that are brights in any range of the color wheel from reddish orange to fuchia. You have me wondering if I should try to make a red/orange/pink quilt.

  22. My stash in very multi coloured as I usually make for other people I guess. When I go looking for some lovely fabrics for a treat, I go for reds for sure. But I do prefer a couple of colours in the print. I always find fabrics I've bought for myself hard to cut into. And what colour do you pick for me?

  23. I'll have to get back to you on that one. I am in the process of organizing my fabric right now. I'll be interested to see what color I have the most of. If you associate a particular color to me, I'd like to hear it ;-) I think of you as Red.

  24. Orange! Favorite and what I have the most. I also have a lot of green, blue, brown and black/white. And I have orange in more than half of the quilts I make. What I don't have much of is light fabrics of any color. I just can't seem to buy light.

  25. purple, definitely. a royal deep purple though, not grape. orange for you? I wouldn't have guessed it. I think my shelves have an awful lot of blue in them, esp if you count cyan/turquoise.

  26. What a fun string of posts to read about color. When I think of you and quilting, I think of RED! Perhaps it is from that Matisse red quilt (that I want to make my own version of)...or the red border you put on in your big blocks when I was out at the house. I just think of reds! Loved all those pics of red inspirations. Cool!

    You wanna hear a funny memory? Peach and sea foam green was all the RAGE when I was about 12-13. My circle of girlfriends were absolutely convinced those would be our "colors" at our weddings. Funny, huh? Something about it must've stuck. ;)



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