Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the RED post

As part of one of the quilting bees, we were to make a wonky star block, using whatever colors we wanted to.. I chose one of my favorite reds for the center block.. Once I sent it off, she sent a nice message saying, How did I know you'd use RED for the center? ;-) with a nice smile.

I chuckled, because I do get obsessed finding the RIGHT RED...

For instance, on this Tile quilt that I am trying to quilt... My big Red borders....
I micro stippled in the green blocks so far! It looks good!

Thanks a lot you for your words of encouragement!

It goes along way considering each of these blocks has taken me an hour a piece... I've taken a break, to work on some other RED projects and then I go back to it...

I began to realize that yes, Nearly every quilt I have made has some RED in it.. I buy yards and yards of red...When I have a red that I like, I buy enough to last me for along time... then I get bummed when I run out and I can't get that particular red anymore...

More Red...
More Red...

I think my red obsession comes from our Front door on the farm where I grew up...
BRIGHT International red...
Really, It's called International Harvester Red... It's the color our International tractors are painted... RED!
Jean Judd actually used the International harvester logo on a quilt! see here
scroll down for the quilt with the IH logo...

My coffee table is red....

And My girl looks good in red! Red is lucky!

So, yeah, I use a lot of red...
I just love it!
My banner is red, I have the simply RED quilts, The red cross quilt, The oopsie quilt, the Red zinger quilt, The Chinese New year quilt, etc etc, etc......

Do you have a color you find always creeps into your creative endeavors?

What Color floats your boat the most?

The Funny thing is, ORANGE is my favorite color...
These Paula Prass blocks are looking good!


  1. My favorite color is green, and a lot of my quilts have some if it in there...but I probably have the most pinks in my stash. Green would be a close second, though....

  2. there really is a lot of red to around you (I thought that was your favorite color) ... my favorite color is plum, but I think most of my quilts have some blue or brown...

    ps. great coffe table!

  3. Oooouuu yes RED....I'm with you on the is like a wonderful nuetral...goes with living/dining room has floo length curtains/drapes....the top half of my walls in my master bath are painted Hollyberry red...lots of cloths in my closet are kitchen has is Mr. Brown Dirts favorite color....YES....RED...RED...RED.....hhhhmmm....I they make red caskets...????..HA!

  4. red!
    are you surprised! LOL
    red is my neutral!

  5. RED is my favorite! I use it everywhere. My kitchen walls are bright red! I have a lot of red shirts . . . My red fabric stash is not real large, because it's the one I use out of the most! I, too, put red in almost every quilt I make. The quilting on your Tile Quilt is looking fantastic!

  6. I guess I use a lot of green in my quilts, but am using more and more reds. I am going to make a red & aqua quilt. I LOVE those colors together.

  7. I am now officially obsessed with that rock fence at your farm!

  8. Love red, but my colour has to be Lime Green! the more acidic the better! And then there is turquoise! Mmmmm.... Doesn't B look wonderful! And as for the micro stipple - Go Girl! LOL you definitely rock!

  9. Pretty fabulous post today! Doesn't B look wonderful??? Green is what creeps into all my quilts and home and clothes...but I must say the RED looks tempting!!!

  10. I love using pink but my favourite is also definitely red.
    Check out my major project of 2009:
    Andi :-)

  11. B looks wonderful in that (outfit? I'm not sure what to call it!) red!

    Lot of different colors end up floating my boat at different times. But I'll tell you what obviously doesn't float my boat ever, and that is pinky purple. I'm trying to do some color blocks and of all my fabric (of which there is a lot) I only had 4 fabrics that could really fit the bill. Funny.

  12. What's not to luv about red?
    Our Paula Prass blocks do look good!
    Happy quilting!

  13. I have a bit of red in almost every room of the energy color. As I look at my quilts though I'd say it is a toss up which I use more often - blue or red....

  14. My favorite color has ALWAYS been blue. Although nowadays green and purple are giving it a run for it's money. But, surprising to me, is how often I'm attracted to and buy red. My favorite red is more burgundy-ish, but I do buy lots of red. I think every quilt should have a touch of red and/or yellow.

    Your hand quilting is looking awesome! Way to go!

  15. well my favorite color is green.. go figure (im a redhead) but recently Ive noticed orange has been showing up with a bang in almost everything I do.. I moved I bought an orange couch.. I have orange curtains in my bedroom and orange towels in my bathroom... an orange and blue rug in the kitchen and orange flowers in the dining room.. I do still have my green though :) an old green chair from the 70s and olive green bedding! this makes me want to do color posts now!


  16.'s in every room in my house, but for quilting...if you see my's gotta be orange.
    I've used a lot of pinks, but I haven't seen reds such as you display. If I did, I'd be buying reds too.
    Here in Canada, unless I shop online I don't have the choices.
    Love the little appliqued quilt.

  17. RED! Any wonder I like your quilts? I also have a ton of reds in my stash... yet I always NEED more perfect reds! Red is my favorite color (along with orange and fuschia) and my neutral. This post makes me all excited to make more red quilts!

  18. It's red for me too, I even wear a lot of red. Your quilting is looking fab-u-lous. I've never tried micro stippling but have you seen Patsy Thompson's DVD for free motion feathers? It's awesome, even I can do it.

  19. My favorite for years was blue! I had probably three times as much blue fabric as any other color. I had to make a concerted effort to expand my horizons!

    Now my stash is a bit more balanced, although I'm drawn to just about any bright color now. Think Laurel Burch!

    I LOVE how you use red. And your microstippling is amazing. Beautiful work.

  20. Red!
    The Empress B. looks very elegant.

  21. Red and orange do it for me, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for yellow. Okay, let's be honest, it's orange. It is the first place I go and I can't imagine my house with its orange everywhere - from tea towels to dishes to curtains to paint.


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