Sunday, January 17, 2010

lazy days

I have a bag of blue scraps at my house, Which I intended to just cut up into squares...
But I started scrapping them together this weekend. I'm not sure what they will become, but, The scrappy happy little blocks are always so fun to make... Way more fun then squares!

I dug out these old blocks, they must have been at least a year and a half ago...(click here)
They are so NOT me, but I am going to play with them and see if I can make them "ME"...

B has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, and she decided at the last minute
she wanted to give her a soft blanket... So we ran to the store and she picked out some Chinese fabric, and some soft black fake fur and we whipped it up for a giftie...
We realized when we got home, the fabrics we bought from two different sellers in our garment sewing neighborhood, had cut them at totally wrong lengths... so i had to piece some other fabrics together to make it all work...
I just finished the binding...Overall,
It was fun to play with some fabrics that were not cotton... I was curious how the Chinese fabric washed up after being quilted... I kind of like it! rather POSh!

Digging around I also found this other little doll quilt I forgot that I had...
It's so 70's! Scrapped together, with love.Otherwise, it's been a lazy, lay around like the dogs, sort of weekend...
Nothing wrong with that!


  1. You are a busy busy lady! I love the blues!

  2. I especially love the 70's doll-quilt (being a child of the 70's myself)!

  3. You have been very busy. I love to come by and see what you have created. I usually just lurk here, but the rose blocks are so pretty. I was thinking how pretty they would make up in a crazy quilt. Hopefully you can make them you as you said.

  4. So so much fun to make scrappy blocks. Yours are great. I love the blues.

  5. I like the scrappy blue squares..I'm looking forward to seeing what become of them!

  6. Good use of scraps! Love the doll quilt too and can relate to the fabrics.

  7. Ah ha. You've got the blue bug too!


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