Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ready, steady, sew....

Mountains of pins...
I tired to convince my pal, Shelly, yesterday that she needed to quilt this Tile Quilt for me...
She wasn't biting my hook.... She told me I could do it....

So I pinned the daylights out of it... drew out my feathers and vines...
And gave it a whirl.
Surprising myself, parts I did OK on.... then I'd grrrrrrr! when my lines when crooked...
She informed me that is what seam rippers are for...

This sort of quilting is new to me... I don't
usually have much patience for quilting unless I do it by hand...
But there I run the risk of never finishing it....

I really like this quilt and wanted it to be done

I think I called her 4 times for back up and peppered her with questions....
What color thread?
What stitch to fill,
Where do I start...
Can I do this? Can I do that?

She laughed.

OK, I can do this...


  1. Indeed, you can do this! It is going to turn out fabulous and you will have improved your skills immensely. Yipee! You rock! Happy quilting!

  2. Of course you can do this. Plau, you have an excellent resource in Shelly.

  3. I'm convinced you can do anything.

  4. You can do it! Your pink quilt with the circles was just gorgeous so we know you can do it.

  5. Yep, I've every confidence that you can do it! The more you do the better you get! Remember to relax those shoulders! - and breath!

  6. I have the utmost confidence in you, I can't wait to see the finished project!

  7. I'm trying to do straight lines on a quilt at the moment too. They are a challenge but at least I have a few guiding points at times. Next up is freemotion quilting and I'm very nervous about it. I'm sure your quilt will look wonderful when it's finished. Don't you love the way the quilting turns all the different fabrics into one mesh?

  8. Best of luck! I tear out my hair working free motion on large quilts. :o) I believe YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  9. Deep breaths, lots of hot tea and friends on speed-dial...that is how I quilt! It is looking marvelous!

  10. I think I can, I think I can...and then you'll be saying...I thought I could, I thought I could. AND we ALL know that YOU can do ANYTHING!!

  11. Good for you diving into the quilting!! Yes, seam rippers are for those GRRRRR moments.

  12. I get this way when I have starting to machine quilt a quilt. I can also relate to the pep talks you need to get you started and through those scary moments. You can do this!

  13. Yes you can! And you will delight yourself, I'm sure. I love the quilt, love it.

  14. If you can I can too. It scares me witless, so much so I've given up on one quilt.

  15. I know you can do it! You're doing a great job so far. And when it's finished, you'll have the satisfaction of saying you did it all yourself! :)

  16. V, you've inspired me at other times (I did a Values quilt because of you!), so I KNOW you can do this! =-)
    Go check out

    She has TONS & TONS of FreeMotion quilting advice, videos, "patterns", etc. It's a really great blog.

  17. Hang in there - if it's new for you it will take some practice to get comfortable.
    good luck


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