Thursday, January 28, 2010


Cleaning out the stash... As I pulled out all those orphaned blocks for the kitchen sink quilt, I took out the leftover blocks from the 9 patch gather quilt we all made last year.

I think these are a few of Dee's Blocks and a few from Susan. I think they work well together!

Today, I put the last blocks together for one more quilt for Donations
to go with the Sis Boom Pow kids blankets...

Good for wee lad don't you think?
Can you tell I am married to a Scot? wee lad... ;-)

Funny how the On POINT blocks fit so well with one of my favorite fabrics....
I guess it's subconscious thing!

Also, another yardage batch of another favorite fabric is going for backing on the Kitchen sink quilt. The green and red floral building blocks by American Jane... (bright green and the cross quilt...I see my themes emerging again) completely by accident of course...

I also added some appliques here and there, with a few more leftover blocks...

Now I think I am ready to get it quilted and on my bed...

Happy Sewing!


  1. They all look great! You amaze me with how prolific you are! You have so many projects going at once and so many finishes going on too!

  2. Those wee blocks looks so happy together! Hope hubby has introduced you to a wee dram too! Did you celebrate Burns Night? The applique looks great on the kitchen sink and I LOVE the border for the on point blocks, such happy coincidences! :)

  3. I love how your Kitchen Sink quilt has taken so many disparate blocks and blended them together into something wonderful! You have such a great sense of colour.

  4. Congrats on the finish! love the little details...and love it when the quilting gods intervene! :)

  5. Luv the added applique details. I tend to gravitate to same color combos too. Hey your eye likes what your eye likes!
    I can't believe you have any leftover blocks left after putting you Kitchen sink together. (Are you still staring at it?) Happy appliqueing!

  6. I love how you appliqued the year on your Kitchen Sink quilt along with other leftover blocks. The other projects are great too.

  7. The added appliques are a nice touch, really adds nicely, to it.


  8. the appliques finish it off nicely!

  9. I love the 9-patch, and your brown is the perfect foil for them!

  10. Great use of the nine patch and all of those appliques on the kitchen quilt are great!


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