Friday, January 29, 2010

little of this and that

Not in the mood to actually put something together today...

But I am bumbling around playing with scraps, and odd blocks left over from the quilt I am cutting pieces for below....

Totally inspired by all the Cheese and cracker quilts that Humble Quilts has been doing,
I've been processing how I'd do a quilt like that... a way to wonky it up, or play with squares...

So I started by cutting out some cheddar-y looking fabric, and taking all the 2"ers I had in darks to play with.... It's now taking its life... And I like where it's going!
But I still wont' put it together today... A good day to just play!

I can't believe I am actually planning on making this quilt...

And Before Shelly says,"YOUR MAKING A PINK quilt?"

No! I'm not, It's PEACH...
Sorry all you pink lovers... Barb, Andi ;-)

I did piece a back for the little baby quilt I did yesterday,
that's about all the sewing I have in me today!
Perhaps I should get out my iron...

I have been enjoying those hand sewing projects lately,
so I am working on a little scrap something...
Just a peek...

Have a great weekend!


  1. That peach sure looks pink on my computer screen. Luv you little hand sewing project. What's not to love about red, blue and yellow together? A pieced back! Yipee! Your speaking my language today! Y'all have a great weekend and happy sewing, my friend!

  2. I need to start some handsewing project. Everytime I sit down I pick up the laptop .... not terrible since I get to work and visit at the same time but a diversion would be great!

  3. My pinkness has not been offended :)
    I'm so glad you're making that quilt - it's wonderful and I love it, but have no time to do, so I'll enjoy your progress!

  4. Sometimes we just need to play a little. It helps me solve a quilt dilemma. I love it when the light bulb burns brightly. Love your peachy-ness.

  5. You know it's January when someone like you isn't inspired!
    I still love what you've done though.
    Good stuff.

  6. Looks pink to me.
    How lovely!!!!

  7. what's the block called in the uppper left hand corner next to all those squares?? It looks just like the quilt on the cover of the new issue of QNM.

  8. Always love to stop by and see all the creative photos on your blog...but I have to agree with the others - I see pink!

  9. what a "whiz-bang" quilter you are! even if your color ISN'T pink!

  10. You sound like me, I am working on a little of this and that. In a no stress mode, so I work on what motivates me at the moment. You can email me about braiding, I am not an expert, more prim style, but happy to help if I can.


  11. Trie to write a message to your e-mail, but your profile squawked at me. Glad to see you saw my blog. I have seen you around on Flickr and admired your quilts very much and now I can follow your blog!!!

  12. I like where your Cheese and Crackers quilt is going, too! That's gorgeous!

  13. I think that color is salmon!! ;>)


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