Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last days of 2009

We have 5 days left in 2009.

I hate the NEW YEAR.
I get very emotional as a another year flies by.
I don't react this way at my BIRTHDAY... (love my birthday!)
Just New Year.
Perhaps it is the COLD, And SNOW, and YUCK.... Do ya think?
But I do enjoy the last few days between Christmas and New year. Because we go to our house for a nice long spell, and I can be free from all the CITY stresses and things to do...
I can nap,
hand sew
And all of that all over again...
It's definitely a time to rejuvenate...

Christmas day was a wonderful busy day. And now I just want to do nothing...
well, more precisely, nothing to me is:

Finishing my hand sewing on:
the tile blocks
The ooopsie quilt borders
and one more on point block...
And finishing the little quilts posted here, that I started a while ago!
I already cut up all my blue scraps with my acuquilt, cutter... That was awesome,
and I foresee a star quilt growing out of the scraps...
ahhh, sewing heaven.

How will you spend the last days of 2009?

Last Sunday.........Today....
What a difference a week makes!


  1. I'm like you, I love the days between Christmas and New Years. I intend to go visit my mom for a couple of days, and then I intend to STAY HOME and do a lot of nothing (= sewing and reading). I don't like New Year's too much, either. It's depressing, probably because all the Christmas lights get turned off, it's dark and cold, and I have to go back to work. Too many strikes against it.

  2. Cut out a new quilt, stitching it with my NEW featherweight since the guest room is still occupied, trip to the airport, put the house back in order. New Year is not a biggy with us either.

  3. working very hard at my sewing machine (i hope so)

  4. I'll be making the most of a child free zone, sewing, painting, studying, napping, maybe a little cooking and lots of quilting too! New Year gets harder to deal with each year. Perhaps I should Hybernate!

  5. I love this week too as we are all home together and have NO schedule!
    we take each day as it comes...
    Hope to get some baskets appiiqued today....
    I love that little quilt with the green border, the solid fabrics looks awesome can we see a bigger picture????
    looks like someone is hand quilting it???

  6. Our Christmas Day is usually quiet and we go manic in the days between Christmas and the New Year catching up with friends who only come out here during the holidays.

    Friends are arriving this afternoon and from now until New Years Day our feet won't touch the ground!

  7. I enjoy the week between Christmas and New years. There is always so much pressure about Christmas and making it special. I have often said my favorite day is Dec. 26 because you can relax and enjoy your family and presents. When the kids were home we tried to plan something fun for the days between the holidays. Now we put the decorations away and RELAX.

  8. The season between the waning of the light and the beginning of a new stage and fruition of new beginnings is always a crisis point of catharsis and transition for me. And I think V. that is what you feel.

    I will be using these days to de-light in the final joy of feeling Christmas magic and all that it meant and working to put it all gently and lovingly to rest as I begin the hardest month of my year.

    I go to an island in Alaska and care for aging and very ill parents. My mom is in the final stages of Alzheimer's...and we lovingly care for her at home with no outside help. She is blind, diabetic and almost completely into the AD. My dad turns 93 during this month and I prepare a feast and we celebrate. And for fun, I go into a 2nd grade classroom and teach 7 year olds how to sew and we make 20 kuspuks...calico parkas.

    Now is my transition from joy to age, loss, and sorrow mixed with delight of new beginnings. It is hard but it is also filled with deep meaning.

  9. the days between Christmas and new year are lazy, but all the kids are I don't get as much sewing time in. But, I WILL be sewing!

  10. Hey V, You are going to be a star making fool, girlfriend! Your accu- cutter is cool. (Your Santa rocks!) Happy cooking, napping, sewing and above all a Happy New Year!

  11. Not sure but it will involve quilting, getting together with family and relaxing! Enjoy!

  12. I know what you mean - the end of year is bittersweet. Anothing year gone, that cannot be retrieved again, but the hope of great new year coming up.

    The accuquilt cutter is cool! Have fun playing with it.

  13. Yes...I'm with you...another year
    gone by......but I plan on flying
    through to the new year sitting in
    front of my 'Bernie'....thread and
    fabric dust just a flyin'!!! Ha!

    You have some pretty good looking
    'nothing' stuff you are working on!

  14. oh wow
    looks great...just a fun little quilt
    thanks for showing us a closer picture of the quilt.
    Love the one week comparison pictures!
    lets hope for more snow this week!

  15. I shall be celebrating my wedding anniversary on 28th December. I love to recall how we eloped to Gretna green, all on our own. We only told our families the day before and our friends, not til we came home. We had to disembark from the train, when the brakes froze in the thick snow on the way to Scotland :D

  16. I hate the New Year, too. I hate looking back and realizing that I've accomplished nothing I set out to do. I remember being about 5 years old and feeling this way on New Year's Eve. Wonder where that came from?
    I'm not liking this Christmas vacation at all this year! Not that I'm looking forward to going back to work... oh no!

  17. i'm not much for the new year either...reminds me how fast the time goes. i'm hoping for one more quilt finish before the year slips away!

  18. the past week was a little frustrating from a quilt perspective...but okay from a mom one. spent Christmas and past 5 days with extended family at our vacation home in Vermont. Minimal sewing, which explains the frustration. Nobody seems to understand. I love the seersucker quilt. Maybe even bidded against you! My machine quilter has never offered to do fans...perhaps she can't as I know some of these machines have their limitations. Let me know who you use, if you are willing. I have about 10 vintage tops collecting dust and cat hair. Regards!


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