Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm hand sewing like crazy. I have most of my other stuff I brought out done, now I am just trying to finish my last three blocks for my tile quilt.

I'm also playing with my camera... If I can't sew, then I have to go to my other interests...
I looked back through my photos, and don't think I posted this quilt up close... It was a vintage seersucker top I had that I sent off to be quilted in fans... I just love it. I call it the snowball in a snowstorm quilt....It's so pretty. I think I got it on ebay for $20

We made Santa sleighs today. Always fun!

Bought some flowers to enjoy....

The clouds were lovely tonight.... thick and painterly...

I took these two Christmas eve...through the cab window...
It's been a lazy day.... sigh.
just love it.


  1. I had a day like that today too ~ we slept in til 10, then Maya and I took our walk, straightened up the house, emptied trash, returned DVD's, and by 3:30 I was back in jammies and watching a movie. It's foggy, cold and wet here and just the kind of day to be lazy. Maya loves it and has me all to herself.


  2. Looks like a wonderful day! I need more like that too, so I thank you for the reminder. I have been loving watching your awesome tile quilt blocks come together. Beautiful flowers this time of year when everything that grows in the midwest is gray and dormant!

  3. Kool photos and my hearts all a
    flutter over your tile blocks!!
    I'm lazily hand quilting today...
    yippee...not much left before have a finish!

  4. Your tiles are just coming along beautifully. Those flowers are to die for!! Glad you are having a lazy day. Sometimes those are the best.

  5. perfect finish for the snowball quilt
    looks wonderful, 20 dollars what a buy!
    love the sleighs, very cute

  6. I love the blue blocks you made. Would you mind sharing some details about them? Are they quiled already?

  7. Your day sounds idyllic. Here in CA, I cleaned up a big sewing mess yesterday and will create a new one today. After the spaghetti sauce, I guess. I love your photos. Would you share what camera you're using? Mine is awful, poor quality and must be replaced. Yours is probably something quasi professional, making it impossible for me, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks, Kaaren

  8. BTW, I only recently discoverd blogging, and YOU are my favorite. I love your freedom, from which I hope to learn to free myself. Thanks for all your energy and for sharing.

  9. Hi! I am loving the tile quilt you are working on. My other favourite is your Kitchen sink quilt, I would like to work on something along those lines in 2010, as I definitely have the spare blocks!

  10. The tiles are coming out just great! Have a wonderful New Years!

  11. the santa sleighs are adorable! where can I find directions? Just love em!
    Great photos, pretty flowers.
    your tile blocks look great.


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