Friday, December 25, 2009


We did our Christmas day outing to Central park... It's tradition. We got engaged here, we go every Christmas, and we take our Christmas card photo here at Strawberry Fields every year...we have not missed a day in central park on Christmas day in the 15 years I've been in NYC...
This is "the Dakota" a big old Beautiful building built in 1880 for Edward Clark, head of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. ( i just had to add that!)

Have you been to NYC?

There is always something to see... We sit and watch the tourists...

We take a walk around the park... then...

As we headed home we grabbed a cab...

Here is your official NYC TAXI RIDE...

Your driver for today...Mohammed Ali... no kidding. This was our taxi driver!
As we Floated like a butterfly down 9th ave,(absolutely no traffic on Christmas day!)

I noticed the lovely graffiti in the cab

ooh! Hansel and Gretel is on at the Met opera! And if you walk around behind these buildings, you can see the Big Apple Circus!
Which I highly recommend... Small, all seats up close, fun...very entertaining....

I thought about turning this post into a YELLOW post, as I had many Yellow photos today...
We are now close to 42nd st... getting closer to my home...

almost there!

Home Sweet Home...

And if you really want to keep that pile of newspapers, perhaps the top of our cab might be a good place to Let it go!!!
(Of course none of us sewing folk can fathom being a hoarder....)

...Just fabric...

Hope you enjoyed your New York taxi Ride.

Please exit on the curb side, and don't forget to tip your driver!


(and a couple pics of yesterday at Washington Square park)


  1. Thanks for the tour! No I've never been to NY but I'm sure it's a very interesting place to visit. That last pic on the left looks like a fabric stamping kit! Imagine what fabulous fabric you could create with stamps like that? It looked like a really nice day with the sun shining on the snow. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. I have been to NYC twice and would love to live there. I also am from Minnesota. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Great post. I've never been to NYC so this was very special. Thanks for sharing your insights!


  4. I always enjoy your New York Tours. thanks for taking us to places we would LOVE to be!

  5. What an interesting tradition! I've never been to NYC - I'd like to...someday. Nope - no hoarding going on around here - only fabric :0)

  6. Once on a trip to New York, we walked through the park with my husband's uncle, who lived just half a block away on W. 86th St. He was having fun showing us his "back yard," and it hadn't occurred to any of us that this particular day had a significance that would soon become apparent. It was October 9--and when we came to Strawberry Fields, there was a celebration going on, in honor of John Lennon's birthday. People were gathered around the Imagine site, playing music, holding candles, and scattering flowers. It was the kind of magical moment that could only happen in New York City.

  7. I enjoyed SOOO much the tour! B. and you have been perfect as guides...THANKS!

  8. What a great tour! Thanks, never been to NYC, but would love to visit some day. So much to see and do! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing, might have to look at a quilting pattern from the bottom left one! I love architecture to design opportunities! What a great day!

  9. Thanks for the NY Taxi Ride! My husband loves NY. I’ve never been there. It’s great to learn about other places on the globe!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I've never been to NYC. It always appears to be absolutely stunning during Christmas. Thank you for the taxi tour!

  11. looks like a wonderful day!
    CP is one of my favorite places, the fountain being my most favorite, and it's approach through the canopy of trees :)
    heading to parts south today, way south.

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  13. Great ride, no fare needed, and B. is exquisite, as always :)Happy Holidays!

  14. V, Your pictures are wonderful. They remind me of my trip there. Happy holidays and regular days, too! You rock, my friend!

  15. I haven't ever been to NYC, but would love to visit sometime! Thanks for the tour.

  16. Never been to NYC, or America for that matter. Hope to one day though.

    That photo of B in Washington Square is lovely.

    Thanks for the taxi ride.

  17. thanks for the ride, it was fun! (I’ve never been there, but would love to visit sometime!)
    have a great holidays!

  18. Thank you for the tour - what a wonderful tradition! You had a beautiful day too - it poured rain here all day - better than snow I guess. We had a great Christmas day, warm and toasty indoors with the family. Nothing could be better!

  19. Beautiful tour! I've only been to the city twice. I've just spent the last 20 minutes researching the Dakota building. There is a book available I just may need to hunt down. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. You continue to keep me motivated to sew.

  20. Wheeeeeeeee.....a NYC taxi ride....I've done it twice....hhhmmm....and I think Mouhammad was my driver too...HA
    Great tour Victoria!!

  21. I've been to NYC twice--both many years ago. My family went in 1965 when I was 11. I remember going to the Empire State Building, and to Jones Beach.

    Then in 1968, we went to NYC on our 8th grade class trip. This was in the days before middle school, when graduating from 8th grade was still a big deal. We rode the train from upstate Greene Country. We arrived at Grand Central Station, and had lunch at the Automat (is it still there? Do I have the name right?). Then we went to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes and the movie "The Odd Couple."

    The one thing I remember clearly is going to St. Patrick's Cathedral. RFK had been killed a few days earlier, and his funeral had been held there earlier that day. The TV cameras were still set up. It made quite an impression on a 14-year-old kid from a little town in upstate NY.

    Thanks for the memories!

  22. Loved the Christmas card, BTW! Thanks for this tour of an insiders NYC, I have never been (drove through it once, but didn't get to stop...long story) But when I finally get the chance you will be the one I call for guidance!

    I think you will love the Go! Cutter, I've used both the industrial one and the Go! one at the shop quite a bit, the accuracy is a dream!

    Have fun and enjoy your last few days of playing...I know I will!

  23. Thanks for this post, I love living vicariously through you.

  24. Now the Dakota is famous for John Lennon's where he lived and where he was shot ( right out front).

    Hence the Imagine mosaic.

    Thanks for the tour :0)

    Happy Sewing

  25. Loved the tour, what a great blog posting. I've never been to NYC but my DH would love for us to go there one of these days. We chummed with some NYC'ers when were were in Mexico several years ago Vinnie (family owned a pizzaria) and Cynthia (his girlfriend) we had so much fun with then!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and say hi to Mahammed Ali for me *wink*


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