Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Using what I have....

Last summer when we were in Rogers Minnesota, B begged me for this piece of fabric that was on clearance to make her a soft snuggley blanket... I put it away for a long while, and she has forgotten about it. Which is perfect, because now I can finish it and give it to her for Christmas!
I'm also using up a bunch of stuff I have around here... leftover Xmas swap blocks for Holiday place mats.... ... they'll make nice gifts for someone!
I'm not so sure about this table runner, also from leftover blocks...I may cut it up into pillows, or make some holiday banners out of them... not sure yet...

Carla is about done with her waverunner. Her colors remind me a Fiesta festival! Love it!


  1. ha-ha.. just hope she doesn't read your blog. ;-)

  2. I pulled out my Christmas scraps yesterday and started playing.

  3. The Christmas blocks look great! I am not sure what I'll be making for Christmas this year. I am thinking lots fabric baskets or market totes.
    I would love to join the waverunner quilt. What type of solid fabric would you suggest? Kona? or some inexpensive kind? Thanks~

  4. Please don't kill the runner! I love it... if all else fails, you can finish it and send it to me loL!

    I love your work soooo much! I wish I was so brave with colour

  5. Are you good at pep talks? AJ is coming here in 2 days for our quilting retreat, and now I'm nervous! You've met. How should I proceed, I pick her up Thurdsday night. Really, I'm freaking out! Do you do swaps and don't know what to do with your receipts? me to, but maybe that could be a challenge too!

  6. Maybe if you add a solid green or red for the table runner. My daughter would so love that snugly blanket.

  7. Remind me to tell you about the snuggly blankets my grandma made for all of us...we called them "Softs" because they were so soft! I'll have to check out the one you made as I'm thinking about putting a back similar to this on the quilt I'm making and wondering the best way to do it, etc.

  8. I'm not a big placemat girl (too often the placemat, plate, utensils and sippy cup have ended up on the floor!!) but once my kiddos are older I'll have to make some...I love the way your Christmas ones are turning out!!

  9. P.S. Your wave runner inspired my fall mini quilt swap top!

    I didn't measure anything... I just cut, no rulers either!

    Cut and sew... I think it turned out great! I hope my swap partner likes it too :)

    I had to come back and find the original post of that runner... I think it really is awesome. I'm a sucker for log cabinish stuff and Christmas too :)


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