Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what to do today...

So, I'm digging out other projects that I wanted to try to work on... You all know I've been working on machine quilting... So I got this stones quilt out, and decided to give it a whirl with some swoop flow-y lines... So far, I think it's OK, I'm still working out speed, And actually just picking out the right COLOR of thread... I tried to be neutral on this, not sure if that was the right thing yet... But so far, it's OK... we'll see... (I still prefer letting someone else finish these for me!) I drew out the first few lines just to get it set... that seems to help me best... now just to fill it all in...

A few of you are way ahead of me on the QUILTING part of the waverunners!
I did at least pick out my backings for them... ;-) ( I'm procrastinating)
Millie has hers done! Love all the little squares in there! Looks great!

My dear Friend Monica is back! Remember I was teaching her to quilt?
She got sidetracked with sewing a quilt for her sister, and now is getting back to finishing hers! She healing and mending well from her Breast cancer, and I am so HAPPY to have her back to play with in my studio.
So while she sews, I've been cleaning up my mess. Also, I have not been feeling so hot these days myself, and have done barely anything the last two days... Got a few Dr. apts of my own... So I'm piddling with folding fabric, piecing batting bits into little projects, vacuuming up dust bunnies, all that fun stuff... no sewing for me really except that 10 minutes on the stones quilt above... that wore me out...

So. Just trying to figure out what else I can dig up to finish... Got any dusty blocks in a bin somewhere that you need to dig out and finish? ha! Don't we all!


  1. I thought you were wearing a cool and trendy red swirly skirt, then I realised you were holding up a quilt. Maybe skirt-making next? :D

  2. Monica is lookin' good! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love that she has a good pal in you and that you have a good pal in her. And once again, we have turned another normal person into a fabric fiend. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!

  3. Your quilting on the stones quilt looks fantastic. I didn't realize you were "working on machine quilting"...looks pretty professional to me. Glad your friend Monica is back .... feeling better.. and ready to quilt some more. I hope you get to feeling better too. Best wishes with the upcoming appointments.

  4. The quilting looks fab V! Way to go! Glad to see Monica is back, looking fantastic herself! Sounds like you need to take a break and look after YOU for a few, take care, hope all is ok - hugs

  5. How wonderful Monica is back ... may she be healed forever.

    Love the quilts/fabrics. Great job.
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    PS Don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY in our Nov. 1 post

  6. love those wavy lines in your quilting!! great job!

  7. I think your machine quilting looks great. I don't even want to think about the blocks I need to put into a quilts!!! Wishing you well.

  8. Your stone quilting is great! You are a great quilter and more like an expert than a beginner! Good luck with your appointments and wishing you well.

  9. On your own quilting--it's great--don't stress over the small stuff--best wishes to your friend

  10. V, I love the quilting especially where you have backtracked over the line a couple times. Adds depth. I have yet to quilt my 'waverunner' but it is pinned and ready to do once I get brave enough to freehand circles of some sort.
    Feel better.

  11. The only blocks I have are a few extra (3) or actually 3 half blocks from my Granddaughter's pinwheel. I am beginning to think i am way to compulsive to be a quilter. Extra blocks must be used or pulled apart and put in the scrap bin.

  12. I hope you feel better soon! Your quilting looks fantastic! How about a little "quilting along" project for those of us who are in desperate need of learning to make our machine quilting look decent?

  13. My friend's husband just took up quilting and bought a longarm. He does gorgeous quilting and quilts all her quilts. Sounds perfect, and I am working on my husband to do this! Try it with yours, and maybe you won't have to keep doing your own quilting!

  14. My best wished to Monica! God willing all you need is some rest. Feel better soon.

    (I'm putting the binding on my wave runner) Tee hee...

  15. your quilting is lovely! hope you are back to full health soon.

    what? dusty blocks??? HA!!!


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