Friday, November 20, 2009

9 p.m. Winner

My fairy (fabric) godmother sent me some lovely prints for me to play with!
What? Never heard of her?
Well, I am blessed to have one, and she sends me goodies every now and then.
I recvd a package this week with the red yellow/black yellow fabrics, another red that I used in the outer blocks of the mini quilt above.
Some cool old New York fabric, and a bunch of whites for my ON POINT quilt!
What a doll! Thank you fairy FABRIC godmother!

I did these other African inspired quilts a year ago after seeing a show on
African textiles at the MET...
I've started hand quilting both of them, but, SIGH, they are ,
not done.
one day.
I'm hoping now that I've posted them AGAIN, perhaps I will finish them...
Wishful thinking??

Now I am seeing patterns everywhere....


One more Xmas gift done. My godson, O, loves down hill BMX, he likes to ride his bike around with a helmut on, like the BIG GUYS.... He's 5. ;-) So I did this drawing of a bike flying through the air... cut it out like a stencil, taped it on with PAINTERS tape... (ha! very fancy stuff here..) and free motioned in the details... over a gray piece of fabric...

Here it is! I think he'll love it... Now I have to do that Star wars shirt...


Oh! Canada~
And last but not least, BRENDA, of scraps and strings was the name picked out of the hat by B, she will be getting the box of scraps!

Thanks for making my bins a little emptier! ;-)
Thanks everyone, for your nice comments!!


  1. Quilters are such a lucky bunch! So happy you have a fabric godmother that loves and feeds you! I feel lucky every time I look at the pretty quilt you made me. It's hanging happy in my studio. Let's quilt kiddos!

  2. Quilters are the nicest people and so generous...enjoy all your new fabrics.

  3. Oh happy scraps for Brenda. It is so funny how we see quilts everywhere, when ever I watch TV, I now notice the quilts that are on the beds or sofas!

  4. love your little BMX'r - my nephew is into the same thing - I might have to try something similar! Yeah Fairy Quilt Mums! and Yay Brenda - she'll have fun with your box of scraps!

  5. Your little BMXr is going to love his new shirt! How thrilling to have a fabric godmother. Such fantastic fabrics to play with.

  6. Ooooo, I am a big collector of African fabrics and love what you received. Love what you did with them too!

  7. How lucky you are to have a fairy godmother...I want one too! Pretty block.

  8. How sweet that you have a fabric godmother!

  9. Thanks for your kind compliment on my liberated creations.
    Quilting is such a fun journey isn't it?
    Love looking at your quilts...very inventive.

    Happy Thanksgiving, will you go to the parade?

  10. I see quilt patterns everywhere too. One of these day's I'll remember to take my camera with me all the time. One thing I love to take pics of is color combinations that nature provides...makes choosing color so much easier!



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