Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok, Family quilt top done.
My indecisiveness came from my daughter wanting just the opposite of what i wanted yesterday.
Darn Mommy guilt.
I wanted one big family quilt, she wanted one for each of us...
I also want just the log cabins... Mom is winning this one... ;-)

MOST of the Sis Boom POW! Blocks are done and in! I think I am just waiting on two people's blocks... Can't wait to find a good home for this Charity quilt.

Don't they look Fantastic! I look forward to putting these quilt together.


I've gone through two more bins in my de-clutter my scraps binge...

I have a nice box full of larger pieces that I have a lot of scraps for.

not really crumbs.. fat 1/8ths and strips mostly.

Any takers?

send me an email today only.

I'll draw a name at 9pm tonight.

If more than one wants the box, I'll pick a name out of the hat...

(the photo is not the box in reference)

Have a great weekend!


  1. V- I just love the quilt! Even though your daughter and you disagreed, it turned out fantastic. And those Sis Boom Pow blocks are just fantastic!! That is going to be one fabulous quilt.

  2. I'd love some of your scraps. I'd even trade if you want to.

    LOVE the sis boom blocks. You had sent me some scraps for a block. Do you need me to whip one up this weekend?

  3. Hi V, I adore scraps...would love to have some of yours. Would consider a trade if you would prefer.

    Did you get the 4 inch squares I mailed?? Hope they work, let me know if there is one or another that really works if you want more.

  4. LOVE the family quilt! It just looks sooooo right! Those Sis Boom Pow blocks are coming along brilliantly too! I'm so glad you are making two!

  5. I think your family quilt looks awesome--good choice :)
    If you're feeling like sharing I'd love to have your scraps!
    I can't really trade any with you though because i have no stash to speak of but I could get ya' back someday ;)

  6. The Sis Boom quilt is looking great! GReat work everyone!

    Stupid mommy guilt...rears it's ugly head when you certainly don't want it to!

    Would love to share your box of love scraps...

  7. of course I want your scraps... I adore scraps...what is it?? a sickness??

  8. 'darn mommy guilt'...LOL! Isn't that how we run our LIVES??? Love the quilt! Love ALL your quilts.

  9. family politics, what??!! The family quilt looks great, the Sis Boom POW are incredible, and I would love to accept any scraps you wanted to send my way!

  10. I can see why I did not sign up for the sis Boom Pow quilt, those blocks are amazing!! It is just stunning, and I would love to toss my name in your scrap box!
    Mommy guilt, it never goes away!!! You just learn to work with it like you did! Super job.

  11. Fantastic applique blocks and they look spectaclar with Jennifer's fabrics!!!

  12. The Sis boomPOW blocks are great! Such fantastic quilts. Wow.

  13. I love the family quilt and I am glad you won the debate with your daughter. The Sis Boom Pow blocks look greta together.

  14. The family quilt is momma right "because I said so"....great results with those blocks.
    And like I said on the Sis blog, all of the random applique looks great together.

  15. sis boom pow looks great, what a happy and fun quilt -

  16. Holy cow, that sis boom quilt is going to be a hit! Whoever gets it will be lucky. Are you going to auction it or?

    I just looked at the slideshow of your quilts and I love the great variety! Wonderful stuff!

  17. Happy Friday to you, too :). I love the quilt at the top -- great border fabric! And the Sis Boom Pow! quilt is turning out so nicely! Are you quilting it -- and how?


  18. The sis boom 1quilt is looking fabulous, very fun quilt. I like the look of the family quilt too. I'd love to win some scraps, they'd be different from what I have.

  19. I would love the scraps! :) New to the quilting blog world... looking at all the creativity! It is overwhelmingly inspiring! Would love to get more inspiration. Unfortunately, I do not have scraps at this point to trade.

  20. Would love scraps. Love your blog also. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. I'm wishing I had signed up for your Sis Boom quilt, but I vaguely remember thinking I would be too busy with studying. One more paper to go, and I have a few weeks free reign in the sewing room. and yes, I'd like a chance at your scraps.

  22. The quilt looks wonderful! I love everyone's SisBoomPow blocks. That will be a beautiful quilt once it is all finished.

  23. That Sis Boom Pow's stunning!

  24. I love your quilts and would like a chance at your box of scraps. Thanks.........

  25. Well, I missed the scraps, but I'm happy to see that my blocks arrived. That was fast! The quilts look great!


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