Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wed. FUN!

(one last pay it forward giftie, sneak peak)

A few fun things today!
B is off school so we plan on doing a little charity work...
Here's a clue.

Don't know it? pictures to follow later...

And we'll maybe sneak off to see the wild things... her second time, my first. ;-)
Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

I know I said I would wait to start another quilt as I have many to finish,
But I already gathered my scrap blocks to make more of these... fast fun, and uses up a lot of scraps! it will go into a quilt to go along with orange and turq one I posted yesterday...
Fun fun fun!
I just need a couple things off my design wall to get this rocking...

Tonya of lazy gal is posting a quilt I put together with the help of many of her Blog pals, when we found out she would be having surgery... We did it very Tonya style, and I have to say, it was SO much fun to put together...

Some Waverunner Finishes...

Cathy finished up her top, with some Kaffe fabrics! And Juanita broke out the batiks!

I'm loving how you all just went and made these all your own. Very inspiring Everyone!
Keep up the great work!

Time for me to go play and have some FUN FUN FUN, on this very rainy day...


  1. I love the quilt for Tonya! So sweet of all of you.
    the wavey quilts look great.

  2. that is the best use I've seen for batiks in a long time! So modern!

  3. Are you seriously already almost done with your pay it forward gift? Seriously!?!?! WOW!

  4. You taught well = all the wave runners are amazing! Have a fun day.

  5. Do post how you like Wild Things. Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? That was one of our favorite books when the kids were little!

  6. Love the 'Tonya' quilt and quite ENVIOUS of the finishes on waverunner...gotta get working! Thanx for ALL you do!

  7. that quilt for tonya is amazing! and so up her alley. i'm sure she'll love it! (can i borrow some of your energy please????)

  8. Locks of love?? Good for you! I do it once every 18 months and it's such a great cause :)


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