Thursday, October 29, 2009

locks for love

The one that got away...
I had almost forgotten about this quilt... The one I really wanted to bring home from Houston... an 1800's quilt from England all done in a very heavy broadcloth, almost like a denim material and had the dog quilted out of it... I can't imagine how they could push a needle through it... Simple, MODERN, and Fantastic! And way to expensive for me... rats. But it was nice to feel it & experience it anyway...
Ain't she a beauty!

I am trying to get stuff finished around here and off my design walls. I'm not moving to fast...
So nothing interesting to show you of mine..

Anne at film and thread, used up her hubby's work shirts and fabulous orange fabric to make her wave runner... great fun!

Remember this post? click here

Since B had a day off of school yesterday, we BOTH went and CUT our for locks for love...
Her deal with me, was SHE would get to cut off my hair.... And so she did. ;-)
Guess I need to change my profile picture!

We went to see Where the Wild things are...
What a great movie... Deep, thoughtful,Difficult and Fabulous...
When is the last time you stood on a cliff and howled?
(my favorite bit in the movie)
go see it.


  1. That red and white quilt is a stunner - and so are you! Love the new do.

  2. I love your hair!!!! I donated mine over summer and it really was one of the greatest things Ive ever done!


  3. I did the locks for love a few years ago, 13 inches and it was STILL to my shoulders. Love your hair.

  4. wow!!! you looks very guapa! i love your new look! and that old quilt is a jewel!

  5. mmmm.... no wonder you wanted that quilt!
    your hair looks great!

  6. LOVE the new hairdo! And looks easy to care for (always a priority for me). Anne had a great idea to use old work shirts in her quilt.

  7. You are beautiful; and even more so without the hair. Love it and love that you and B did this together.

    I'm glad the movie moved you...I had a similar response to it. All the characters were very authentic and I've been all of them at one time or another so it was interesting to make that connection.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your waverunner quilt idea with all of us! It was so fun to make!

    I love your haircut. The style is fantastic and really shows your face which is beautiful!

  9. love the red and white -
    you look fabulous! I bet it feels like a million dollars.
    I've decided to wear mine medium length until I'm 50....about 2 years to go....
    p.s. I like the natural streak - very glam.

  10. That old quilt looks fabulous, hard to think of it as old as it looks so modern! The hair looks fab, suits you very well! Great thing you both did :o) Have really enjoyed seeing everyones Waverunner quilts, thanks for sharing them V!

  11. Wahoo! Short-hair chickee! Love it!

    And oh, my! I love that red and white quilt. Want it! I'm crying it got away.

  12. Damn, you look sexy!
    I've been growing my hair to donate. I'm trying to make it till Christmas but I am not cut out for long hair. Minor inconvenience in the big picture.

  13. You and B are so kind AND stunning! What a great pair of gals. Love the pic.

  14. The red and White quilt is just Stunning! I love it! You haircut is great too! A new look is always nice!

    we are going to see where the wild things are tonight.

    have a great day~

    p.s. I think I am going to buy the same sewing machine you have. It has good reviews on several blogs and sites. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I wish I had the patience to stitch and quilt such a quilt; it's fabulous, and I do understand why you wanted to take it home!

    Love your new hairdo!

  16. LOVE the haircut...short is the way to go, girlfriend! Love that "one that got away", too. Would have loved to see it in person.

  17. You look FABULOUS! The whole cut/color thing is SUCH a drag. I have a teenager that says I can't stop until she's at college and THEN do what I want...decent of her!

  18. V, you were definitely made for short hair. You look beautiful, very chick.

  19. Oh my goodness!!! You look amazing with short hair. But you must feel so naked! Have you ever had it short before?

    Love that top quilt very much. Just perfect for the red lover. It's so gorgeous!

  20. You look adorable, and I'm sure whomever receives your locks will be very happy!

    I am slacking, and haven't even started on my wave-runner yet, it's been that kind of week/month...

  21. You look FREAKIN gorgeous! I luv it! You rock!

  22. OMG - Your new haircut is GORGEOUS!!!

  23. I loved the movie - I hadn't expected to need a box of tissues, but that made it even more wonderful.

  24. what a great quilt and the quilting to die for
    oh well another one will come along
    I LOVE your hair cut, wow!
    you look younger!
    I like short hair too!
    less to deal with, not one to fuss with it either!

  25. Hello gorgeous!

    I love Anne's quilt - I'll have to pop over and tell her so!

  26. Your hair is just Bad-A_ _ Cool!!! Does it make you feel more daring? A new hair cut always makes me feel daring... Cool Beans V!

  27. You look so different with short hair, I love it, you definitely look younger. Not that you looked old, just so hip. That quilt is gorgeous and yes, modern. I love it.

  28. Wow! What a great new look! Actually, I find myself just a bit jealous that you look so beautiful no matter what your hair looks like!

    And I saw that quilt with my own eyes. I could NOT believe how heavy that fabric was and that they HAND QUILTED it! Made my hands hurt just looking at it!

  29. It is just hair and will grow back. I read your April 2009 post on your hair. I am 64 years old and have been the very same. On my 60th Birthday when I was still in the workplace, my dear friends at work celebrated my 60th with a carnival of my hair styles. It was so fun. I have had every color,length and cut and loved every minute. I think it keeps your husband on his toes as well - he never know who he is coming home to!
    BTW, I went natural and very short last March - am white haired with a pixie now. It is liberating and there is more time for quilting!

  30. I'm glad you cut your hair. I love the new look. I, too, cut my hair off recently, and from the way people reacted, you'd think I had cut off my HEAD! But for much of my adult life, I have shaved my own head and I love the freedom.


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