Tuesday, October 27, 2009

love these blocks!

I am having so much fun with this kind of simple block.
I just keep digging through my box of squares cut from scraps, and putting more and more together...
I'm thinking a large quilt is next like this... But I have some others to FINISH first!
sigh. of well, it will wait...


I have to say what Fun it has been to see all these quilts come together.
From your fabric selections, to your layouts. I'm impressed by all of you, newbies and sewing enthusiasts for trying something new and taking off with flying colors!

I happy to see that many have taken my start and took off in their own direction!
That had been the greatest joy to watch.

I encourage everyone to break away from patterns and try something new.(once in a while)
Not that there is anything wrong with patterns, mind you.

But I think we all have a few PATTERNS that need to break free from us...
And it's exciting to see, and feel when you've expressed your self 100% from your own creative being.

Rene' has a great start on her Waverunner...
She's got the wavy bug! go see what other waves she's creating...

Jaclyn's colors are floating away! Love the combo!! pure water waverunner!

Beth got Funky with her inspiration fabric! And go see what she sewn it together with!

Michele has her top done. Ready for assembly...

I will continue to post Completed tops once a week from here on out.
I know many of you are only beginning, and that is fine.

Drop me a line when you've got your top done.
no hurry, and have fun!


  1. great blocks!!! so brilliant! i love your wave runner proyect (is so clever!), i think i must start one... just i need finish some things here...

  2. Just love that quilt especially the color combination of oranges and aquas. I made a quilt over the summer with that combo and I love it.

  3. What a great block! Do you just fuse on those appliques, or do you stitch them down?

  4. I love the colors on your block :)

  5. Awesome blocks you've been putting together! A large quilt of them would be stunning. Very inspiring.

  6. I'm loving your block too! Such fabulous colours that go just perfectly. Love the flowers too.

    Well done to all the others doing the wavy lines quilts. They are coming along nicely.

  7. Your blocks are so cheery, love them! I am really liking all of the waverunner projects, inspiring color combinations. I must work with solids more. Thanks for the push to work on this project. I loved it, and have my top done now.

  8. Oh so many pretty things to look at today. I love your orange block! And you just can't go wrong with that wave runner quilt! I'm especially partial to the bottom one -- the way the turquoise colors really "pop" with those warm colors.

  9. Nice block with the flower appliques and all the Waverunner blocks are so good.

  10. I love that first block, and wish I had enough time (and two quilts that weren't in progress) to make a wave runner. Maybe I'll bookmark it and try it later. I love all the different combinations!

  11. The orange and turquoise reminds me a lot of the Red Letter Day quilt I made - great and happy!

  12. Oooh I just LOVE that orange and dark aqua...how wonderful!!! The wave runner quilts are looking fabulous, I've finally done mine and blogged it! THANK YOU for a fab quiltalong xo

  13. ooooh, I love that orange and blue block. So lovely...and that last wave runner too. Stunning!

  14. I really love that block. It would be a great quilt design!

  15. i LOVE the orange and turquoise block! that does need to be a whole quilt. woo-hoo!!!

    it's so much fun to see the waverunner quilts come together. i'm glad you said there is no rush. phew!


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