Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here's a little block leftover from the first waverunner quilt...
So don't throw your bits away! Lots of goodies to be made with the scraps!

The end of my garden.... Raspberries! i thought they'd be done by now, but my plants are full!
Had to break out some recipes to find a yummy use for them...
Something I haven't been doing a lot of lately... need to cook more... been a bit lazy.

Here's a little scrappy waverunner table runner swap gift! I love how it turned out. And it was fun to practice my machine quilting on! straight lines, something I haven't really done much of...

A little pay it forward gift... just finishing the binding. Love, love, love the colors on this one. I can see doing a whole quilt soon of these colors... just yummy.

When did the leaves change? boy I must be out of it... I feel like i missed the season!
me and B are now officially sick. so it will be a lazy week!

How are your waverunners coming along?

send me pics!


  1. Nice Wave runner runners!! tee hee
    Especially love the purple one.
    Hope you both feel better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry that you are sick! Rest and take care!

    I love the tiny quilt with the waverunner leftovers and the scrappy waverunner table runner is fabulous!

  3. Pretty runner! Loving the old recipe card holders. :o)

  4. LOVE the raspberries...out here in Seattle they are all gone but the APPLES are in! Just got done making apple bread for breakfast...yum! Been working on my waverunner and let me just say it is POSSIBLE to go TOO to cut more WONKY strips!

  5. Okay let me get this have a husband, home, school-age child, and in addition have traveled to Houston and back, worked on 2 wave runner quilts and posted instructions for them, removed dark circles from an antique quilt, and you're lazy? LAZY! Maybe crazy, but never Girl, you are truly a midwestern woman.

  6. Love your waverunner scrap quilt and table runners; hope you and B both feel better soon.

  7. You have raspberries?!?!? Yum! We have the early summer only variety, so haven't had any since mid-July...
    I like the colors on both the tablerunners.

  8. The Pennsylvania Dutch patterned recipe box is the same as the one I used growing up! Too fun. I posted more progress on my waverunner.

    Hope you and B are feeling better soon...

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the leftover block you made as well as the table runner with the waverunner blocks. I need to get to work. Thanks for adding the video tutorial.

  10. Yes..Yes...I am keeping every little scrap...your little leftover is wonderful....I am especially feeling the love from those table runners!!

  11. You guys get better quick. I love the small one block quilt and the runner is great. Those raspberries look delicious, they wouldn't get a chance to be cooked with me around.

  12. Love those recipe boxes!
    Hope you and B recover quickly.

  13. your runner are so great!!! and those tree in the pic is so inspiring!!
    hope you and your little one feel better


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