Monday, October 26, 2009

sick day

Leave it to my girl... She wanted a B wall hanging, and Boy, did she get a B wall hanging!
She decided she wanted it to be for Buddha, so with her help in choosing fabrics and ideas,
She choose, flowers to make it look like Buddha is sitting on a lotus flower, and made sure to include 7 offering bowls... Which we will make into pockets...
"Mom, it also needs to RADIATE!!!.." she says
So she selected the golden-y green beams of light...

The girl knows what she wants, that's for sure...

Not a bad, "stay at home sick day with mom" sort of project!

But I now have APPLIQUE coming out of my ears!

At least it's FUN!

Carolyn W. has some great colors going together on her waverunner!

Siobhan is almost done!

And Mary IS DONE!

I'm thinking perhaps I don't need to do a post about layout...

I'm thinking you guys guys have it all going on! woo hoo!

If you want help with lay out, perhaps email me...
The fun part is laying it all out, filling in,
and adding your personal touches like Mary did on the border...
I love that!

let's see what you can come up with...

Anyone else?
How are the rest of you doing?


  1. Y'all sure are having fun for sick folks. Looks great. B is obviously a double genius, just like her Momma! Happy sewing!

  2. i haven't started my quilt yet. eeeks! i'm so behind. it's fun to see all the other participants' progress.

    i have a sick one at home today, too. hope you guys feel better soon.

  3. 'B' has some genius genes in her for sure! VERY NICE! Hope you guys are feeling better soon. I'm working on my 'wave' and will post a pix when it doesn't look like I'm sewing in the dark. Have a great day!

  4. It is really amazing seeing all the wave projects.. you started a good thing here!
    Love your radiant B. It truly is that.

    Hope you feel better soon.. so much sick is going around right now. :-(

  5. that wall hanging is so great! she had talent!!! just like her mom!

  6. Gosh! Love that B brilliant oclored creation.

    Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Is there anything B can't do? She is sooo wonderful :) Love how everyone's quilts are coming along. How fun to see your idea prosper through someone elses eyes.

  8. I hope your daughter is feeling better. But wasn't it nice to have a helper in making your B quilt? Love all the variations on the wave runner. They are all doing a fabulous job.

  9. Your sweet B has the world on her plate -- lucky kid! Such a great quilt! And I am so enjoying seeing these wonderful wave quilts all over the blogosphere.

  10. I love how B speaks her mind! Nice wall hanging/wallpockets!

  11. I love the personality in your daughter's banner!!! The wave runner quilts are really neat!

  12. Love a girl who speaks her mind and knows what she wants! It certainly does radiate!!! Sweet project for you two to share :)


  13. did you say at least applique is FUN????

    boy have you come a long way!!!!!

    love the radiate look :)
    hope everyone is feeling better today

  14. Ooo! I love how Mary finished off her borders! I am wondering how you and everyone else plan to quilt the wave runner! I am almost done with my top!
    Get better soon! Germs seem to be rampant these days!

  15. The quilt is B for it's a blast, wow it looked like a lot fabric collage fun. The wave runner quilts are neat to see in different colourways.

  16. I have to start mine still.....but I love looking at the others colors. And the letter B is very cool. Hope everyone gets better soon.

  17. Yay! I finally have a day at home to get started on my waverunner! Plus, I'm hoping against hope that I got the dreaded "no reply" fixed. I think blogger blogs REQUIRE you to have a blogger blog set up in order to not show up as no reply. If

  18. Your daughter is quite the designer - very neat wallhanging. Sounds like a wonderful sick day!


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