Friday, October 23, 2009

2 babies

Here's my two (BABIES)....old Quilts, I saved from a collector in Houston,
who was going to use these quilts as Cutters!!!
Can you believe they were going to make STUFFED PIGS out of these?
As I was standing chatting with Shelly and Shelly and her cowboy,
I spotted this quilt over their shoulders...
I'm not a big fan of sunflowers, but this quilt was speaking to me... So after we parted ways, I went to check it out... It had these giant black center on it, and I thought, gee, that sure doesn't look right to me, I bet you something really cool is underneath that. So after I bought it, I got it to my hotel room, and immediately cut one of the big circles off, and look what was underneath.

It's the same pattern I used for the corner applique on the pixie dust quilt! No wonder I was drawn to it!! So now I have some repairs to make... Also that yellow, I'm rather obsessed with right now... yummy.

Here is the other doomed to be a stuffed toy.... I feel slightly guilty that I snatched this one up,
as Shelly was eyeing it too. The quilting is fantastic on it.. and I just love the color combo. it reminded me of the Anna Griffin Alix fabrics I loved...same color combo... the quilting knocks your sox off... So these are my two babies I saved on this trip. I could have taken more home. But, I didn't. I 'm very happy with my purchases... ;-)

Millie got a great start on her Waverunner, I like the texture the blender fabrics make....
Upstate Lisa, decided yesterday she wanted to play along... This a.m. I got this image!
Girlie, were you up all night? Love those hand dyed fabrics!!!

You can click the two top right hand pictures of my blog to
take you to the tutorial and to the videos on making your own Waverunner Quilt.
Don't forget to send me an email when you post, or send me some images...


Cheryl & Rene both asked to see the other letter artworks
I have sent in for our school
Alphabet projects...

here are images from the past years...

The First year I had the letter B

Second year I gave them the letter S, But I had two images and I couldn't decide which to use... One was obvious (above) and one was more artistic and imaginative.
(below, Andy Goldsworthy, sculpture at Storm King,NY)
So I gave them both.

Then last year, I got very cryptic. My letter was M... it's sort of a Where's Waldo...
Can you find the M? It was such a fun image I had to use it... it was a big hit...
need a clue? look at the shadows...

So I feel like I am taking a risk giving a Quilted "B" this year...
Everyone has been asking what images I've come up with... hmmm,, not an i mage this year....
So we'll see if they like quilt-y things...
See last post for the image.


Walking the dogs, I snapped this on my iphone... Crazy light. cool pic.
fab graffiti...
Did i post this already? oh well.


  1. 2 beautiful quilts
    LOVE the pictures of the letters, thats so cool!
    oh I really like this wave runner project
    I may have to give this a try once I am really sewing away on the machine...
    very fun project
    hmmm where is my pile of solid fabrics???

  2. those quilts are really fantastic!!! that was a great found!... i love your photos!

  3. Good for you for saving those two beauties! What great finds!

  4. Such cool images! Wow. Very different from the quilt for sure, but the quilt is quite charming in its way and I bet some people will prefer that.
    Your World Peace pic is fabulous -- the lighting really makes it!

  5. Lovely rescues - can't wait to see the new and improved sunflowers. And all of the photos are great. I'm sure they will be happy with the quilty version this year.

  6. Love your Houston finds....hey, ALL the best things are here in TEXAS!!!

  7. Love this post - a little 'all over the map' - kind of like having a conversation. Thanks for helping me feel connected during a disconnected moment in my life.

  8. Victoria-

    Thos quilts are fantastic! Wow on that tree of life! WOW!!!

    And your letters are all so fun. Love 'em!

  9. I've enjoyed seeing everyones' wave runner quilts and also the pictures of your babies. What a great surprise the first one had and I love the pine tree quilt a lot. The photos are very cool.

  10. Gorgeous quilting in your new babies! Love the photos...still working away on my waverunner. Will post more photos in the morning!

  11. Wow, those 2 quilts are so pretty and the quilting on them is gorgeous...lucky you to own them! Thanks again for doing the Waverunner sew along...and for taking the time to post all our blocks.

  12. The old quilts are so lovely, and look sooo soft. The applique circle definatly looks better without the big black center.

  13. VERY exciting about the old quilts.. thank you for saving them! Can't wait to see how you fix up the yellow one. :-)

    You are the second person now that I know of who has run out of picasa space. I hardly use it so I'm not worried.. but I wonder what the upgrade is?

  14. I just stumbled upon this! I love what you do, and can't wait to be inspired every time you post. I am going to try waves with Kaffe, TODAY!

    I was taking a class at PIQF and the room next door was doing waves, and I was SO envious that I wasn't in that class. I vowed to find out more and then lo and behold you appear.

  15. Glad the quilts got to you safe and sound. I was happy I was with you when you "rescued" them. It is still hard to believe that anyone would cut that tree quilt up to make pigs. Luv your pics. Peace, luv and quilting to you my friend.

  16. Beautiful saves--I'm very partial to number 2.

  17. What lovely old quilts. The second one has such beautiful quilting! Someone was going to cut into that!!!! What a marvelous surprise under the big black circles. Great saves!

  18. Your two babies are two magical quilts. It's rare to ever see anything like that in Australia. I bought a teddy bear made from a 1930's double wedding ring quilt on eBay once. Love it... Ann :)


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