Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilt along. wanna play?

YIPPEEE! With many of my large Xmas projects done, i can get back to finishing this wonky stripe quilt... Still gotta come up with a good name...

I'm thinking, Waverunner....

Many of you asked to do an online class, or a quilt along, which I think will be fun to do.

So if you'd like to do that, email/comment and sign up,
and I will run a list of all who are playing along...
(if we get enough people, I'll do it.)

I gathered some fabrics that I might play with for that project, just tossing some ideas around.
So be thinking about your fabric choices, and when I get back from Houston, we can start to play.

So leave me a comment, if you want to join in.

It will be more of a quilt along, as really, there's not much to teach!

So if you think breaking out of the box is difficult, come play and you'll see it's really not.
come give it a whirl.

Please include your email, I have a bunch of no reply's
and I can't reach you.

in the meantime;


For fabrics, you can do all solids, or, I may add in a few blender fabrics as well... not sure yet...
I'd like to us blk/purple kaffe brocade fabric for my backing, so I chose colors from the fabric.

Be sure to choose, a range or LIGHT/bright, MEDIUM, and DARK fabrics,
for the best over all look, and as a challenge, stay away from WHITE...

Find an inspiration fabric, or picture, and select a range of colors from it... or try
to play with colors or look at other peoples ideas or combos...

Try to pick something out of your normal range...
or if you use colors you normally gravitate to, make sure
to add one SPICE-y color to give it a little zing!

other stuff.......

We drove in late last night form the house, the empire state building was green/white and red...
such a great skyline...

Mystery cookies.
B and I wanted some chocolate chip cookies, started making them and realized we were missing a bunch of ingredients... not enough butter, sugar etc so we improvised, added some shortening, some agave, milk,peanut butter etc, and wal-la! little yummy puff balls that actually taste really good! pheew!

I'm thinking I may take one of these along on the plane Thursday to Houston to work on... both are being hand quilted and I never seem to have time to do it... or I start something else...
Perhaps I'll just be to excited to do anything anyway....
click click, my brain is ticking...


  1. I love that wonky stripe quilt, how about "Locomotion" for a name...or some play on the word motion, cause I see alot of movement and motion in it...

    I am so jealous you are headed to Houston, HAVE A BALL! I went one year (maybe 2007?) and loved it!

  2. V, Your fabric selection process has me smiling (BIG!) I can't wait to see you on Friday! Are you bringing any of those cookies with you? Happy sewing, my friend!

  3. Come me in on your sew along! Have a great time in Houston.

  4. I've been reading your site for a while but not really commenting :) I love the colors you are using. Could you explain more about the quilt along? I'm a beginner and would love a challenge this fall/winter. You can email SiMignonne at gmail dot com.

  5. Count me in - need to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and fun

  6. I like wonky quilts...so please count me in for your quilt along! Thanks.dredostr

  7. i'm a little nervous as i'm pretty much a beginner, but it looks brill, so count me in :)

  8. lol sorry about that, See too excited about posting a commment I didn't read the links ! breezybree_123@yahoo.com is my email

    Karen xx

  9. Have a GREAT TIME in Houston! Sounds fabulous. Love your quilt along idea, but I have promised myself NOT to join anything until I catch up on a few projects. Do post about it, though!

  10. I wanna play! Sounds like fun.

  11. Count me in on your quilt a long. Would love to play!! Haven't done a wonky quilt and definitely need to move beyond my comfort zone.


  12. I think I am up for a quilt along but I am not sure how it works.


  13. I'll play...I have a stack of solid-y stuff in once cabinet that is itching to get out and become something!

  14. I'm in. Why not? Keep me posted on dates and details.

    caitty1@gmail.com OR

  15. I wanna play! I love a little wonk.

  16. I sooo need to break out of the box so count me in for the quilt along. This is going to be fun! :o)


  17. Hi V.
    Google had some sort of glitsch last week or so and mmany people had to go back in and reset the thing that allows e-mail reply. It's on the profile set up.
    Have a great trip!

  18. I'll need a big glass of cold milk with those cookies!

  19. I would LOVE to join the quilt-a-long! Count me in!

  20. I would love to play along, count me in xo

  21. ....LOL....OK....I've been dragging my feet...but I want to play along too!! I have never done a complete project using solids...so
    now is the time......I'm off to see about my solids!!!

  22. I'd love to join in on the quilt along. I'm excited to try something outside of my comfort zone.

  23. Are we following you, or can we do our own thing? I'm just finishing a very wonky 9 patch in solids and batiks. In fact everything! I want to do the same, but in a different colour. I'm pulling the colour out of the scrap bins at the moment. Would that count?

    Have a great time in Houston and do try NOT to buy up every single bit of fabric.

  24. I don't have a blog. May I join the QuiltAlong without one? If so, please let me know and count me in. Looks like great fun and learning.
    Mona in Texas

  25. Sounds cool, I could definitely use up some of my stash! I just moved, and thus realized how much fabric I REALLY have... hmm... lets just say a lot describes how much I have ;)


  26. Hi I would love to do the quilt along!!! And have a great time in Houston! It's my dream to go there some day......

    Kathy In Baltimore


  27. I really need to start thinking out of the box but how much fabric were you thinking. I would like to have some idea of yardage.

  28. Is is too late to join?


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