Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WaveRunner Quilt along.

Waverunner.... the top is done, for now. Border, no border, is still to be determined...
I don't have anytime to play with it today.

Look at the Sis Boom POW! Blocks on the left! A few are rolling in...
We had some issues with the white background(shrinkage), but nothing that's going to be an issue. It will work out...
You can follow our progress over the SIS BOOM, POW site.
It's been so fun to see them coming to life!

You can still sign up for the Quilt along,
we'll start next week, Monday or Tuesday, depends on how organized I will be when I get back Sunday night...
There's no major commitment required, your not sending anything off to anyone,
It's just me showing you how to make the Waverunner style quilt,
and you working at your own pace...

With a big Show and tell at the end!

So, between now and then, be gathering your fabrics.
I put wrote a little blurb about
fabric selections in the last post, see below.

Someone asked why to stay away from white based fabrics for this project.
I say this only because for many, white is a comfort zone color,
and many of you mentioned you wanted to BREAK OUT OF THE BOX.
So this is your chance to try something new, go with colors, you never use, or seldom do,
and see what you can create...

And have no fear, it is not a difficult quilt to make. Great for newbies...
It's easy, fun, and gives you quick exciting results...

If you'd like to take the button below for your blog, please feel free to do so.

There seems to have been some blogger issue with comment settings recently, you may want to check your settings to see if its set correct. I've gotten many no reply comments, so if you haven't heard from me, but I have your link on the side, your in. If your link directs you back to my blog, it's because either I don't have your blog, or flickr link, or simply maybe because you don't have a blog etc...

I need these folks emails:
You can go to my profile and email me...


I'm also trying to decide if we need to set up a separate blog to show progress, or just make a day, like Wednesday's, a day for me to post your progress photos... and answer questions...
perhaps you guys can let me know what you would like to do...

Other good stuff...
I have these three little table runner projects that I am doing to work on my machine quilting ... They are so fun to throw together.... I can only show you a sneak peak right now. more later...

And lastly, I am buried in bindings...
The Scrappy Happy, Scrappy Christmas, Parsley patch , Rail fence, and the two simply reds,
are still sitting here waiting for their bindings to be done...
Soon, I'll have some finishes to show!


  1. Ive only used white in one quilt, a recent one for my daughter lol I've always been worried about keeping it clean...with four kids and all!! But Im thinking yellows and green for mine with a zing of something..not sure yet :)

  2. I wish I had the time to join along. I will however follow along because your work is beautiful :)

  3. your wave runner looks like fun!
    Bindings - it's funny - I love doing them, means "the end", and good movie watching time on the couch.

  4. Your wave runner looks fantastic! When I get back in town, I'm going to look and see if I have enough fabric to join in. Do you know about how many yards of each are needed?

  5. I'm loving that quilt! Not sure if I'd put a border on it. I've seen them done both ways. (Check out Nancy Crow)

  6. If it was me I would definitely not put a border on it. I love it exactly the way it is right now. Perfect!

  7. This quilt just glows! Wish I wasn't in the middle of a move so I could quilt along, but when I get settled I will get out some free piecing to have fun with...and in the meantime just enjoy what everyone else is doing :)

  8. i'd like to be added to your quilt along list, please. :) oh, that pretty stack of quilts waiting for binding is making me swooN!

  9. I would love to join in on your quilt along, i've wanted to make this kind of improv quilt for a while now!

  10. I'd like to join in the quilt along. I have been wanting to do some more free piecing, but see to fall into a comfort zone too easily. Thanks for the push!

  11. I love this V! I'm working on a similar look (but different :)) for the back to a quilt I'm doing right now. Definitely inspired by the picture on the front of the book intuitive color and design. I can't wait to get that book!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  13. Hi! Please include me in your quilt along! Love free hand curves, and have a few ideas for colours, but must go check my stash! Not buying anything new for a little while, and having fun sorting through what I've got.


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