Sunday, October 11, 2009

table makeover


The base was already wearing kind of nicely, so I was going to leave the base and just do the top... Which needed a lot of work, it had an inlay of oilcloth... The plastic-y part was easy to remove, but the fabric-y part, was a devil to get off.

I got most of it before I had to get out my electric sander, and grind the rest off! I'm thinking it actually came that way because what was underneath, was not even a wood substance... kind of putty like... the oilcloth had about four layers of paint over the top of it.
Beige, ochre, green and brown.... You can see the brown,
ochre and cream on the base picture on left....

After I sanded the top down, I sprayed it with black primer, I decided to leave the under rim black, and then paint the top a butter yellow...
Thank goodness it was such a lovely day to be putz-ing about outside!

I had meant to paint a checker board on top of it to sit between the two green bent-ply chairs in my living room On the right hand side of the picture, (where there is already a little game stand...)
But this table was to tall... so it went into my kitchen/dining room area instead....

I ended up painting the base with a quick coat over the cream as well, and sanded it down to distress it as well. A light sand over the black let out some of the old brown color, and it looks like it's been painted like this for years....

It fills up the empty space well! Don't cha think?
And it cleans off a bunch of stuff off my counters! Yippee!
Love those brass legs...


  1. Wow! I'm so impressed! Is there anything you can't do? It turned out really pretty.

  2. The shape of the table base is how you pulled it together using the black on top to balance the black feet. Pat on the back....

  3. This looks fabulous, well done. I am a great fan of restoring and re-using old pieces like this, Kath in England

  4. Oh, fabulous table...and it looks like it has found the perfect home.

  5. Fabulous table and I like your new incorporated blog look.

  6. Good job! I wish I was handy like that, but unfortunately, my sister got all that gene!

  7. Wonderful table! That looks so good. I like your living room, too.

  8. love the table! i had to laugh...i've been keeping my eye out for the perfect game table...i was planning on painting a checkerboard on top, too. when i find it, it will fill up an odd space in my living room. hurray!

  9. that's marvelous. I didn't realize those legs were brass - thought they were carved wood. cool.

  10. Gorgeous! You did a fabulous job on that table.. and it looks perfect where you set it.


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