Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy friday

Getting a little more applique practice in... Every year, B's school does a project for the auction where they ask about 30 artist to contribute to the Alphabet project.. Each person gets a letter or symbol, and produces something to do with that letter... I have the letter B this year.

In the past I have always given photographs, but this year, I am thinking of giving this little quilt... I'm going all out on a limb here, folks! Applique, embroidery, beads, hand quilting the works... I have only just begun to stitch everything down...
(and I need to learn how to BEAD!!)
anyone? tips?

So far, I'm kind of excited about the project, except, my daughter, B, insists, it's for her! So I am afraid I will be making a second one!

*********WaveRunner Progress*********

Mary made this so far!~
Siobhan pushed on, and came up with this so far!~

Michele is cruising right along! fab brights!

I'm completely giddy~!

If your posting your progress,
please shoot me an email so I can keep up!
they look fabulous!

if you need extra help, please check the videos in the last post.
to see more pics of their work hop on over to their blogs!

Ok.... here's my yummy stash I bought in Houston...
I didn't think I'd be buying any fabrics, but alas, I did indeed...

I couldn't pass up some Kaffe blues and greens
Old prints. I love 1800's style quilts more than anything... so I had to buy some repro column fabrics and indigos to play with...
And one little piece of Amy butler's new line.... love the navy blue..
This is all Terrie Hancock Mangat fabrics... Truly funky and fabulous...
crazy color combos, right up my alley.
And lastly, YELLOWS!
It's time for me to get back to my dresdens, and I was in serious need of background yellows....
What fun...

See! I didn't' buy out the show... just a wee little bit!
oh, and two antique quilts, but I'll save that for another post...

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy quilting!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! It is going to look stunning! Happy creating!

  2. Stunning letter B project! I am sure its going to look spectacular.

  3. Your new fabrics are delish :) I love the yellows :) Karen xx

  4. So I laughed out loud at your little afterthought, "oh, and two antique quilts"!! The B is looking great. Can you share photos of the previous years' alphabet photos you donated?

  5. Your new fabrics look so happy and bright. The Waverunner projects are stunning...all of them are so different. I am so happy to mention I made my first few blocks too and enjoyed it so much. Happy Friday to you too!

  6. Happy Friday right back atcha! LOve your B quilt, and yes I suspect you have no choice in the matter, there will definitely have to be a second B done! Your purchases are so colourful - wouldn't expect anything else - and I can't wait to see how you use them all. I must get busy on my Waverunner today and get some pics posted.

  7. Love the colors for your B quilt... beautiful background!

  8. Your fabric shopping must have been a blast! No time to sleep - gotta sew!

  9. Ohhh great shopping! Love the letter B...beading tip number one - secure the thread often! (if it is an item to be used I do it every other bead!)

  10. What a delicious colourful post. How fun the little quilt looks. One tip for beading, sew through each bead twice like a backstitch. It keeps them sitting nice.

  11. I love the B quilt. I will be terrific when it is all finished and embellished. And boy, everyone is making progress on their wave runners. Now to stop drooling over your fabric finds. Just gorgeous!

  12. How cool is that you got the letter B? I think it's great that you are donating a quilt this time. Your piece is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished product with the beads. I agree with jovaliquilts that I would love see your previous letters.

    The waverunner quilts look great. So good to see others' progress. I'm hoping to work on mine this weekend. If so, I'll shoot you some pictures.

  13. Your B quilt is just beautiful - very eye catching and full of life and color. Can't wait to see more . . .

  14. Your B quilt is so happy and bright; lovely! I would love to have joined in on your waverunner sew along if I did not have too many WIPs already, it sure do look fun.


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