Friday, August 21, 2009

how my mind works.

One day done...
tomatoes next....

I did sneak in a little "THINKING" quilt time...
I ran down to my studio between timers...
to pick out fabrics for the Blue & Brown commission quilt...

Got side tracked cleaning up, and found this little picture of tiles below:

So of course I had to pick out some fabrics & cut a few to see if I liked it.

Then I started to play with the triangles...
hmmmm, I've never made a while zig zag quilt
even though I love them...

back to canning....
How easily I can get distracted!


  1. Your canning looks lovely! So fun to have in the middle of winter. And your fabrics for the zig zag are great! How did you get into making commission quilts? Just curious.

  2. Love the triangles! I need to make me some zig zag love, too.

  3. You're talking about canning and quilts and I'm admiring that cute little dish towel in the first photo! Love it!

  4. You are one productive gal! The idea of a pantry full of home canned goods is amazing. Love the look of the zig zag quilt.

  5. V, how do you get all those jars back to Manhattan? Curious.

    BTW, I already love the brown/blue quilt fabrics...and I'm lovin the zig-zag of it too.

  6. The zig-zag looks great...I've had a photo of one on my idea board for the past couple of years but haven't made the jump yet! All that canning looks beautiful...

  7. That woodgrain fabric looks wicked in the zig zag, but I do love the tile inspiration...

  8. I love the way your mind works. And thank you for showing us your shelf with the vintage embroidered dishtowel. You are actually using it???? :-D

  9. I love the fabrics for your blue/brown commission! Your canning looks great, and I bet it tastes even better, especially in the middle of the winter. I would say that was quite the distratction - a fair number of pieces got cut as you were playing with the zigzags! Looks good!


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