Thursday, August 20, 2009


I got a few more pixiedust blocks in this past week. Can't wait to see the rest!
Top: first one is mine, second one is Britt's, third one is Harley's!
the bottom two are by my pal Shelly. Love them all!

Please mail your blocks in by August 31st. thanks everyone!


Quilting? nope, not for the rest of the week, unless I sneak up early or late to get some done...
I'll be slaving over the stove the next few days and a few days next week...

Todays projects. Canning Pickles, cuc relish, and peppers and onion relish.
& finish freezing zucchini and carrots and soy beans...

It's so worth it, even though it's STEAMY in my house.... and outside...


  1. Cute blocks. Looks like some good eating at your house. Happy canning!

  2. Love the colors. Have fun canning.

  3. I picked up "Well-Preserved" yesterday so I hope to get some stuff going in the kitchen this weekend.

    PS Your kitchen looks dreamy - a mix of modern with colourful, retro touches. Seriously, do you think your husband would mine you having a girlfriend?

  4. I'm impressed. She quilts, grows her own garden and cans too. Who says a Modern girl can't do things from scratch. I love all the new pixie blocks. Can't wait until you post the rest.

  5. Pretty blocks! I'm loving your 6 burner stove and gorgeous backsplash tile!!!

  6. Those blocks are looking really good! I've been picking blueberries and plums this week, so have some canning to do myself. Can't beat it!

  7. great blocks
    I will get to mine hopefully in the next few days
    its hotter than anything and your cooking like that!
    it will be worth it this winter when you can enjoy these veggies and relish

  8. Ooooooh, I love seeing those blocks! And glad there are some more with curves...mine will have curves too! :)

    Hope your canning like crazy is going well!

  9. Oh how yummy!! and how yummy are the quilt blocks, they have all been so wonderful, I cannot wait to see the quilt!

  10. Great blocks. Looks like someone is cooking good at your house. Happy canning!


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  11. The blocks are simply terrific.

    and I am pinning a huge star on you.. you have a lot more steam that I do. Hated canning my whole life.. it is what my summers consisted of as a kid. So now I buy green beans in a can at the store. But wow.. your stuff looks wonderful. and I know exactly what your house smells like. :-)


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