Saturday, August 22, 2009

a little bit

I finished up quilting this piece, It's about 25" square.
The fabrics & colors were fun to play with.
I'm getting better about hand quilting. I am starting to enjoy it a bit more.
If it wasn't for Tonya, I'd still be whining about doing it! She does great hand quilting.

I dug out a little package of vintage scraps I bought last time in MN...
I thought I'd sew them together for a little piece for my daughter to go on her night stand.

She didn't like it.

oh well.
"Blues, browns oranges and turquoise mom! Those are my colors!"

Got it.

hows this?

Yep! Just add another dog in the corner please...







  1. Luv the piece with the teapot.
    Isn't it funny how kids like what they like. Enjoy your weekend.s

  2. I always admire your brave use if bright colours! The strangest thing is, I was playing with some doggie fabrics in the workshop this morning and wondering what to do with them! Now I think I am inspired...I love your hand quilting. I thought it would be such a chore, but like you, discovered that I actually enjoyed the process. I like the way you have used contrasting thread. Another lovley post! Kath in England X

  3. Adorable little quilt! And I'm so glad that you got the one for B "right". lol

    One block finished, ready to start on the next. ;)

  4. Love that little 25 inch will be adorable as a table topper or wall keep it out where you can admire your work.
    That Tonya she even has me doing some hand quilting! Maybe I'll enjoy it eventually as I get better at it. Your stitches are looking pretty even!

    Happy sewing

  5. Love the hand quilted mini. I've been wanting to see that teapot/cup collection in person. No luck so far!!! I will be needing some for sure.

  6. Hey Mom, I would love that on my nightstand!!~
    I only hand quilt and yours looks great, I love the cute little block!!!

  7. what a good idea--using a quilt for a cover on the nightstand. Now if I didn't have three drawers and a cabinet full of crochet doilies---

  8. Love the little quilt that you hand quilted! Maybe I should practice some more on small pieces so I can eventually hand quilt my thrift store find.
    And what we Moms do to make our daughters happy - been there.

  9. I'm in love with Bari J's fabrics! I just got some in and am just admiring them for now. The handstitched quilting looks awesome!

  10. Love your handquilting! It looks like you had some fun with it too. Such vibrant colours to work with must be lovely. I also love the idea of making side table mats. Nice and quick, but great fun too!

  11. so glad you're enjoying the hand quilting more. woohoo, looks great!

  12. Kids! ;) I love the first one with the hand quilting! I have some hand quilting projects in the que.


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