Wednesday, July 22, 2009

not so wordless wednesday

My Mother just moved to a new apartment, so when I was there we hit some antique shops to find a few goodies to make it more homey... So we found some vases, table runners,
and other lovely crocheted things.

She needs art work, and has some tough spaces to fill,
So out of a bag of scraps, yesterday,
( I was so excited to sew again!)
I put this bright runner together (above) out of the scraps so she could hang a
few mini quilts, toss around a few pillows to brighten up the place.

We had fun time finding just the right things and found some great deals...
I love old table cloths, and found this lovely brown one (above) brand spanking new... well, old but never used.... I was so excited.


Whose been walking on MY porch!

I think the culprit is hiding behind B... muddy little paws.... :-) Jenny Egg is to cute to be mad at for tracking mud through my house...

Peas are picked, blanched and frozen, so are the GINORMOUS Zucs! Gotta hit some weeds today....

And maybe finish one of the three tops I have sitting here that I was waiting for fabric for...

I think the Scrappy Happy Quilt will be the one to get done today... it just needs
the border put on...
Before I can start something else! Last night at about 1 a.m. inspiration hit for a new top...
I very wisely made myself go to bed... or else I'd still be sewing... :-)

QUICK NOTE: pixiedust gather friends:
please note, the blocks should be 10" finished outside dimension.
when i sew them down they will be 9 1/2". thanks!

if you've already sent it, no worries. it will all work out. ;-)


  1. yay for inspiration hitting! it usually hits me at about 1 or 2 am, too. i love the runner that you made for your mom. i'm sure it will be a lovely addition to her new place.

  2. Sorry to say, but I don't think those are doggie footprints. They have five toes, not four like a dog would. I think they are raccoon prints; five toes, small feet on the front and longer back feet.
    Look out! They can be very mischevious and downright mean if cornered!

  3. ZOIKS! your right! pesky rodents! right up to my studio door!

  4. I love the runner! And I'll have some of those peas, please.

  5. Oh, block is in the mail to you.

    It's the wrong size. It's 10 1/2 inches, so would be a finished 10 inch.


    Now what??

  6. Hi,Victoria! Welcome home. Love the runner - I missed reading about your sewing creations. I just spent an hour watering our garden so lucky you with the rain. We still have weeds though:(. Thanks for the note about the pixie dust block - I was wondering about that. I am almost ready to sew it up - I have been trying to decide on a design. Have a fun day.

  7. love, love the tablerunner you made your mom.

  8. I'm glad for the clarification about the block size! I'm working on it right now.

    And love the table runner! The colors are so beautiful!

  9. Your table runner is so cheerful and bright. That brown table cloth is lovely! Great treasure hunting finds.

  10. Just came over from the hexalong, ooh I love your work. I love your photos and I love your dog. I am now going to visit some of your friends too. Naughty internet, there will be toast again for supper in this house....Kath in England

  11. Don't you just love going to antique shops and finding some great things? Ahhh, inspiration at those hours does happen. Although, for me lately I have been dreaming inspiration.

  12. oooh love that runner. great job! B is so pretty and getting so big.

  13. great finds! Good luck witht he weeds--we've had so much rain here that I just go in a circle around my yard weekly, never seeming to make any progress!

  14. love the table runner for your Mum. Nice and cheery - should help brighten up her new place. Great finds - I really like that brown table cloth. Pesky racoon! I wonder if he was trying to find some of your zucinni?

  15. I love the table runner for your Mom...stunning!

  16. great runner for your mom, will bring a smile to her face for sure!
    smart move going to bed!
    so lucky to have a garden! Do you grow tomatoes too?

  17. Hey V, That's a cute little tablerunner. I just luv scraps.
    Those are some giant zucchinis and a pretty and very smart looking little girl. Happy harvesting!


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