Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Art of play

Ok! great day. I got the border on this quilt! The fabric was waiting in the lovely priority mail envelopes for me when I got home form the trip! It sure was Xmas in July!

This quilt took me on an interesting journey.

I began this quilt with a box of scraps and a few yards of odd colored pieces of fabric I had sitting here. Since most of my stash is in NYC, I pulled out whatever I had and started to
"cut and paste" and tried to find a way for the strange colors to find harmony.

If I tried to use what I know about color theory, I'd get some loud over the top nightmare,
like this nightmare below.

But if I kept taking fabrics, laying them side by side and waiting for them to say "YES!"
They began to surprise me, and it would flow...

I kept trying very hard to make this a "minty green with white polka dots" kind of quilt, and it was like taking my head an banging it against a wall over and over...

It kept fighting with me. Or I with it.
Until I let go, and went back to my routine of trying every kind of fabrics until it spoke to me.

Note to self: Listen.

Sort of like life, huh?

relax, play, let go.

enjoy the ride.


  1. A perfect choice for a border! I love it.

  2. You ordered that fabric on-line? Awesome choice! It pulls it together in a way I would never have imagined!

  3. Ooh those colours are making my mouth water!....Kath in England

  4. I can really relate to those moments. I just love the end result though. That fabric is one of my favorite new Kaffe's, just gorgeous.

  5. I love the evolution of this quilt, the final result is truely stunning, WTG V!

  6. Not sure exactly why anyone would want a minty green with polka dots quilt but I'm glad you figured this one out! Beautiful.

  7. Oh yes, you listened and it is beautiful. Love those Kaffe's and the flying geese xo

  8. So I thought, "wow, I want this pattern/kit, I love it," then realized you're just THAT talented! Wow, I love it more now! Great job, Elaine from Texas

  9. What gorgeous, colorful quilts. You are so talented!

  10. Nice how it all works out when you do... "just let go". What a gorgeous outcome V.
    ps. my block is in the mail tomorrow

  11. I use to say to my students, "The art will talk to you. All you have to do is listen." Most thought I was crazy but a few would say, "It told me to put this color here." They got it and so do you. I love to have a "talk" with my art.

  12. OMG it looks perfect! And that nightmare one really was terrible. Just use your intuition.

  13. ohhhh...ahhhh...great quilt! The border really ties it together but also makes the blue flowers in the centers jump out a bit. Never let theory get in the way of a great quilt!

  14. gorgeous!!! i love the few little geese in the border. nice work!

  15. I am ultimately in love with this quilt.....fantastic work as always :)

  16. Love that print for the border...what a find!


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