Thursday, July 30, 2009

the garden grows.

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Winner chosen Saturday morning.

Thanks for all your great comments on the patterns, It's just something I am kicking around. But we'll see. Maybe a tutorial on the zip quilt.

I'm still playing with the red quilt. I know it will not have the wonky stars,
But I am waiting for more red fabrics!!
I made my hubby go in my studio in NYC, and dig through my scrap bins to pull all the red he could find... (not an easy task either) so I am keep dibbling with this and that, and staring at it.. changing it, coming back to it... etc.. it's a fun process, i love it.

I also have this top pretty much done, I had thought I'd try some applique on it, but it sort became something, so NOT ME, I put it aside for later today to play with ... I think i will add a funky border, and leave the wide stripes for some fabulous quilting... (fabulous meaning, I may send this one out to get done by a professional!)
I'm realizing I really don't enjoy the quilting part so much... But hand quilting is growing on me... I used to hate that too. Times change.

This one might get a bit of both hand and machine quilting...
it makes me think of my garden...
gotta good name for it?


  1. I just bought some of that exact same fabric that looks like tomatillos (second last photo on the right). Mine has a heather gray background and I LOVE it.

  2. "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" or "A Garden Sewn" I'm only creative with colors and fabric, not words.

  3. oh yes a funky border on the green one...that would be good!
    then the red one is just fun
    can't wait to see what you do with that one and those strips there...
    where will they go???
    fun to watch you make a quilt groW
    ah yes having big quilts quilted by a professional best decision I made for getting them done
    I still hand quilt the special ones though

  4. I'm pretty selective on what quilts I will quilt myself does feel good to open a box from a professional quilter and have a top done!

  5. Funky is good. I luv that your hubby went thru your scraps. Cool stuff! Happy sewing and quilting!

  6. Where do you find all your fabulous fabrics! Without fail, I love them all, I've never seen them before, and they all look brilliant in your quilts!!

  7. I Love the red quilt you are working on!
    Thanks for sharing


  8. I love seeing your creative journey! How about Fancy Fences (cheesy I know - sorry!)

  9. Cool cool quilts! You're making me want to improv too. I don't have your fabulous fabrics though. Titles..all that's coming to me is Off the Grid And Into the Garden, or Garden Days (Garden Daze?). Have a great day.


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