Friday, July 31, 2009


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Hubby came out today with all my goodies that get sent to the city! I have some more REDS!! yippeee! Hubby is so great that he dug out my scrap reds for me. He thinks it made him sound "Trained" that he'd do that for me (on the blog.)
I said, it's just because he's such a great husband!

I sent my ALL MINE Quilt off to be quilted. I'm so thrilled to have it back. Now I'll bind it and be snuggle dup in my scrappy memories! I love the feathers all over it. I'll show the whole thing to you all when it's done.

PIXIEDUST BLOCKS! Look at these lovelies!
Top LEft, Anne's block,Sarah's Block,
and bottom, Rachael's Block

Amanda Jean is showing her studio space all nice and neat and tidy. I thought I'd be brave and show mine when it's in complete disarray. This is my Painting studio at my house, which for now has been turned into a sewing room for the summer. my REAL studio is in NYC.
This room is pretty small and I have 6 tops that I am rotating working on at once...
You can see I have all my Art stuff, canvases shoved into a corner, frames are tucked here and there, drawings laying out where they won't get squashed...and then all my fabric...

it won't look like this by the end of today. I finally have a day to do a little work...
And since this room is so small, i go out my sliding doors and lay everything on the lawn.
(when it is not raining!)

Also. So many of you did the 9 patch gather with me last year, the quilt was donated to be sold for Love without boundaries, helping children in China who need medical care so that they can then be adopted to families... (see old posts here ) The money raised from that quilt has helped two children so far. And I wanted to update you as to what has been happeneing!
First: Meet Dessie!

I received a short update indicating Dessie received heart surgery today. The update did not include details, but did say the surgery was successful! I have asked for more information and post surgery photos. I will update you again as soon as I receive any more information.

I did receive a few new before surgery photos of Dessie. They are attached. Isn't she precious!

Thank you so much for supporting Dessie and giving her this opportunity for a healthy heart!

Anne Little
Heart Surgery Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries Foundation

Thanks again quilt bloggers for all your help!


  1. Don't you just love helping children, I do it all the time. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. It's ssuch a great feeling knowing that the quilt helped with this. You made my day.
    Love the pics of the studio-enjoy your day.

  3. I love the pictures of your sewing space. It looks like a place of creation to me. Who cares about the mess (and I've seen worse at my house) you creating art! The blocks you've gotten back look awesome. Mine is not made but I do have something in mind. Enjoy your weekend!
    Luv those red scraps!

  4. Tell your DH I was just impressed he could find the red scraps! First my husband isn't really sure where my scraps are hiding and second he is really color blind so who knows what purple and browns would be part of the mix!

  5. Precious, indeed.

    My sweetie knows who Amy Butler is, and can identify her designs. He knows and remembers the names of all the male designers. He also knows I loathe Thimbleberries and can identify those as well. :-> I think he's a keeper. So tell hubby it doesn't make him sound trained, just loving and doting.

  6. I love all your work, its great! And you do have a lot of red, but that could be a good thing! The studio space I would die for! I never have enough room!

    And Dessie is adorable, just adorable and I'm glad her surgery was a success!

  7. I'm absolutely loving your all mine quilt! This is my first time to your blog and I'm definitely putting you into my google reader, you do fabulous work!

  8. What fantastic news about Dessie! You should be very proud of yourself for helping with such a great cause. Lets hope this next quilt will make such a big difference to someone too.

    I'm glad my square arrived safely! If you pop over to my blog you will see a fun little challenge for you. Nothing too hard I promise!

  9. That is so wonderful that you helped Dessie what a most precious gift, a heart! You are very special V!!

  10. Got a pic of my block posted. It will be in the mail to you on Monday! :)

  11. I always love your fabrics & I do love your sewing room!!!

  12. thanks for showing your studio space. looks like a fun place to create! :)

  13. Love your studio...I always love when people post their work areas!


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