Tuesday, July 28, 2009

to pattern or not to pattern


Scrappy happy Quilt ---------Mother knows Best Quilt

Patched Triangles Quilt --------------Zip Quilt

I have a question for all of you out there...

I've had many questions lately for patterns of some of the things I work on...
if you've followed me for a while you know I have never used a pattern and I make them purely as I go along... rarely do I have a complete vision of something before I begin...

I've contemplated making a pattern of one of my recent quilts. Just to give it a whirl.
(like I really need something else to do right now?)

So I need you all to tell me :

if anyone actually is interested

and Two.
Which of the above four would you like to see a pattern for?
(even though number three is not done!!! I hope to finish the border next week.)


I had to break out something to sew on, since I've had no time during the days to quilt...
I hope that wasn't rude in front of company?

In gardening news I am a proud garden momma to my little butternut squash!
Never grew them before so it's been fun to watch them grow!

Hmmm, I see a few weeds I missed!

Don't forget the Giveaway! scroll down or click the link at top right... Good luck everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to all the comments! some really make me smile!


  1. Just got your message. Remember I sent it back the next day. You might not have received it yet as it's coming from NZ. It just has to arrive though!

  2. I like it that you never use a pattern!

  3. I just LOVE the Scrappy Happy Quilt! A pattern of this one would be great :)

  4. I love how you put together the quilts without a pattern, but when I see a pattern I like, I add it to a little booklet that I keep with me that shows the picture and yardages needed so I make sure to get enough fabric!

    I would chose the zip quilt!

  5. I am not hung up on patterns. I have used some but normally don't. It seems much more creative not to.

  6. Whilst I can follow a pattern, for me its never the same as I always start to do it just a bit differently even just with fabric choice or light/dark emphasis. I've worked without them too. But what is particularly pleasing for me is the evolutionary process your quilts take, thats what makes them 'you'.

    If there was a pattern in the offing, I'd want to have a go at the zip quilt, poss in choc brown & turquiose or reds :o) Happpy sewing!

  7. My vote is in and Im anxious to see the results too! I always use a pattern..in fact I feel immobilized without one! Maybe someday Ill get more in the zone...but until then, Ill wait for you to crank a pattern out!
    Krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  8. All four quilts are very pretty ... I think that either the pieced triangles or zipper quilt would be the most popular as patterns.
    I agree with the comments above, I tend to me more "inspireI by" a pattern, but as I start to plan bigger quilts its great to know yardages for different sizes.


  9. Well, if I had to choose a pattern, I would choose the zip quilt, although, I absolutely love Mother Knows Best. Lady, if you're going to make patterns to sell, go for it, and do all of them! I think people would tend to purchase more than one at a time. JMHO ;>)

  10. Pattern? What's a pattern? I used one once ten years ago. Since then I been sewing by the seat of my pants. It has been quite a ride and I'm not done yet!
    That squash looks good and I bet it is going to taste even better. Happy visiting, happy gardening and happy quilting, my friend!

  11. Yes, do it! You have some great quilt ideas. I voted!!
    You have a squash first and we have cucumber first!! Isn't it fun?

  12. I really like the zip quilt or the patched triangles. I've never used a pattern but I think I would to achieve one of these...

  13. I think the zip quilt is the most "pattern-making" friendly and really cute. What would the pattern be like for the others. Hmmmmm, interesting!

    Your quilts are so much about process. Why not try out something new with pattern making, see what you think???

  14. I think that it's really creative that you never use a pattern, I have only used one once, and I find them hard to follow even when they are simple. I'm not good with numbers. I'm better at sewing and cutting. But I do love the "mother knows best!" would like to try that one out.

  15. I like the patched triangles as far as "sale-ability." Mostly I like the spontaneity of your quilts!

  16. Victoria, I blogged my Pixie Dust block today...and it's on the way this a.m.

    I wouldn't buy a pattern, but I'd vote for the patched triangles quilt to go over the best, i.e. sell the most patterns. They are all gorgeous, though!

  17. I just voted for the zip quilt! That's so adorable. And it looks like you could use up some scraps -- my favorite thing!

  18. I do the same thing when I'm quilting! I have just recently started purchasing quilt patterns. but don't know if I will ever use one the way it was designed but more for getting ideas. I like to kind of do my own thing!
    I really like your zip quilt.


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