Friday, July 10, 2009


Everything back in it's little place...
I'm trying to keep my fabrics neat and orderly... like MAL's post...It's rather nice seeing them out , instead of crumpled in my bin... I cleaned my studio up quick tonight so when we get home from this trip, I can make it all messy again...

Packages wrapped and ready to send! Hey Chen, this one has your name on it...
A little mini quilt swap... It's on it's way!

I was going to work on this on the airplane, but I got it done. Now what am I going to do???
I better go find something!


  1. Looking good, my friend. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. You've just given me a great idea for a redundant bookcase we have! Just hope the fabrics stay on the shelves and not get scattered everywhere.

  3. oop.. I see I probly missed you. Have a great time!!!!!!

  4. Hey V, The cleaning bug seems to be going around. Have a great time in MN. Your feathers look GOOD!

  5. Have a great trip. The shelves look great!

  6. What a lovely fabric stash! It's so nice to see them out, too! It must be inspiring to see all those fabulous colors out!

  7. I always enjoy looking at fabric stash so it's nice to see some of your collection! I went over to Mal's post & wow! I also visited Chen & am amazed & dazzled by all the colours over there too!

  8. oooh, I love what I see!! Have a great time at the cabin.

  9. Yeah! Fabric on shelves! It'll be waiting for you. Fun stuff you've been working on. Did you do those quilted feathers??? Wow!

    p.s. Have my pixiedust fabric. It was waiting when I got home tonight. Hooray!


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